Tips & Tricks

After asking my daughter to peel some potatoes for me the first time, and she peeled the entire potato down to nothing, it occurred to me that it would be helpful to have a Tips & Tricks section on my blog for beginners to the cooking world. I hope these tips help you!

1-3-10 How to Peel, Mince, Grate and Store Fresh Ginger

1-4-10 How to Butterfly Chicken and Pound it Flat

1-9-10 How to Peel Garlic

1-12-10 How to Cut an Avocado

1-20-10 How to Roast Garlic

1-24-10  How to Flash Freeze

1-27-10 Inexpensive Uses of Coffee Filters

1-30-10 How to Remove White Burn Stains on Wood Tables

2-2-10 Learning About Tapas

2-5-10  How to Make Garlic Paste

2-25-10 How to Keep Your Containers Stain-Free

2-9-10 How to Make Perfect Soft Boiled Eggs

3-6-10 Re-growing Green Onions

3-7-10 Cooking Bacon a Better Way

3-14-10 How to Tell if an Avocado is Ripe

3-15-10 How to Store Cilantro

3-32-10 How to Perfectly Hard-Boil an Egg

4-16-10 How To Make Shrimp Stock

4-22-10 How to Make Homemade Whipped Cream

4-26-10 Another Use for Your Egg Slicer

4-30-10 How to Shop in an Asian Market if You’re Not Asian

5-1-10 How to Season and Clean a Cast Iron Skillet

5-8-10 How to Keep Honey from Sticking to Your Measuring Cups and Spoons

6-15-10 Asparagus Fixin Tips


2 responses to “Tips & Tricks

  1. Paul

    Katie, you need to post all your “How To’s” as articles on eHow. You’ll make a little $$.


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