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Coolgreens – A Truly Cool Place

6475 Avondale Dr.
Oklahoma City, OK 73115
 2nd location:  N. May & Memorial Ave.
Website:  mycoolgreens.com
Price Factor: $$
Taste Factor: ****
Open Monday -Sunday 11a.m. to 9 p.m.

Kayla is finally home from India, and my girls and I spent some time together going to lunch.

Driving up to Coolgreens, you know this is a happening place, because the two patios outside are packed at noon on a Monday.  You know it’s the place to be when you drive up and Barry Switzer is sitting in front of you on the patio.

Conversation between me and the girls…

Me: Look!  Barry Switzer is here!

Them: Where? Is that him? Are you sure?

Me: I lived in the 80’s. I saw the national championships. I know a legend when I see one.

Them: Are you sure that’s him?

Me: (Deep sigh)  Nevermind.  Let’s go in.

But I have proof.

So there!

There are two patio areas outside the restaurant.  One out by the parking lot, and another outside the main doors up another level off the parking lot.

Upon walking into the restaurant, there’s a lot to take in.  First off, there’s the line of people waiting for some of Coolgreens numerous choices of ingredients.

You’ll see an L-shaped counter that you step up to to build your salad, pizza or wrap.  If you’re not a seasoned Coolgreens customer, you’ll probably want to take a look at the menu to your left (on the wall) before you try to wade your way through things.  Or there is a little container of to-go menus hanging on the counter.  If you don’t look ahead of time,  all those people behind you might get a little miffed.

Here is the concept, You can either build your own salad, wrap or pizza from hundreds of fresh ingredients ( the possibilities number into the thousands!).  Or, you can get some help from the Signature Menu.

Being Coolgreen virgins, we opted for the Signature Menu to begin.  I couldn’t decide between the Ahi Tuna Nicoise Salad or the Smoky Tomato Basil Soup, so I opted for the combo and ordered both.  I was relieved that Kayla ordered the Coolgreens Skinnyflatbread pizza, because I also had my eye on that.  Tori was feeling a bit under-the-weather and decided to play it safe with the Formagio flatbread pizza.

As you walk through the line, you are a bit overwhelmed (but in a good way) with all the fresh ingredients before you.  Everything is either organic, or locally bought and looks really fresh and tasty.

There is everything you can dream of to choose from.  Behind the bins on the counter stand a ready, polite and eager to help waitstaff and behind them a wall of homemade dressings to choose from that really wow’d me.

Dressings like Asian Ginger, Lime Jalepeno Vinaigrette, Red Wine Tarragon Vinaigrette, Smoky Chipotle Ranch, and Thai Curry Vinaigrette stand in pristine bottles and are labeled with their goodness.  All their dressings are made with extra virgin olive oil as well, an added health benefit.  There is no sugar in their dressings either, but if necessary, they are sweetened with organic honey.

Move on down the line and you’ll see some unique offerings in drinks.

But pay attention soda fans, because Coolgreens is not going to contribute to ill-health with soda and you won’t encounter any high-fructose corn syrup here.  They offer flavored waters, some carbonated, and a trio of teas along with their own bottled water or a giant stand of iced water with lemon and lime slices.  If you’re feeling a bit more adventurous, go for one of their great smoothies from the staff at the other side of the L-shaped counter.

We took our number and took our seats in the bright and airy, well-populated dining area.  It’s horribly hot right now in Oklahoma City, and we didn’t relish the thought of the patio.

Speaking of the dining room, Allan McMurrain, one of the owners,   had told me that they truly live their “green” name. By using as many recycled products as possible, from the cork floor to the bio-degradable to-go containers, they live up to the name.  According to something pulled off of their website…

The use of reclaimed woods, environmentally friendly products, bio-degradable packaging and wind-energy add to the overall theme of healthy, sustainable living.

Each table has a pretty little vase with a fresh flower floating in it when you sit down, a nice touch to us girls.  Our food came out very quickly.  I was enthralled at the sight of my order.

My Ahi Tuna Nicoise salad had perfectly-done slices of tuna, plus little fingerling potatoes on a bed of mixed greens and arugula.  It was accented with some lovely pickled red onions, capers, grape tomatoes, crisp snap peas,  and a sprinkling of calamata olives.  For some reason, I didn’t get the hard-boiled eggs listed on the menu, but the salad was fantastic and I really liked the raspberry vinaigrette dressing it was drizzled with.

The huge bowl of Smoky Basil Tomato soup was great.  It tasted of fresh tomatoes, and it had a little bite of something spicy in it that I really enjoyed.  When I finished, I felt as if I had eaten really healthy, didn’t have a overfull feeling ,but I was very satisfied.

Then I took one bite of Kayla’s Coolgreens Skinny flatbread pizza.

And I decided I would go ahead and make myself a bit uncomfortable.

Whoever made this combination was genius.  First of all, Alan told me that the crusts are made of whole grain or rye and the crust was delicious. And the toppings?  There was  basil pesto, roasted grapes, sundried tomato, figs, walnuts, goats cheese, arugula.

Sound weird? It was perfect. The savory of the pesto, tomatoes and nuts with the little bit of tartness of the goat cheese was balanced out by the sweetness of the grapes and figs.  It was magnificent.  We both ooh’d and aah’d over it and I snuck another couple of bites when she was full.

She also ordered a combo and her salad was the Chicken Ceaser.

The dressing on this was super good and doesn’t contain raw eggs.

Tori also ordered a flatbread pizza – the Formagio which had four cheeses and was very yummy.

The crust is toasted perfectly and the cheese mixture was lovely.

We sat and watched people pour in for a good hour-and-a-half while we sat, ate and talked.  Many people had the sorbet with fresh fruit on it that Alan has told me about that contains no sugar or fat.

Feel like fresh-squeezed juice? They have that too.

If you care about the food you put into your body, and you love fresh ingredients, you’re going to love Coolgreens.  It’s priced to match those kind of ingredients, so be prepared to pay a minimum of $10 for lunch, although some of the pizzas are $7 or $8.  But, in my opinion?

It was well-worth the treat.

I’ve already informed Mr. Wonderful it’s going to be a date-night regular.

Did you know us bloggers love comments? Please leave me a comment below on your thoughts on Coolgreens!

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Tana Thai Bistro- Restaurant Review

Tana Thai Bistro
10700 N. May Avenue
Oklahoma City, OK 73120
Dollar Factor $$
Taste Factor $$$

website:  http://www.tanathai.com/

So today I was at a four-day training session for work up in the Northwest side of Oklahoma City and it made me dangerously close to one of my favorite Thai restaurants.

Tana Thai.

Mr. Wonderful and Jason took me here for the first time, and to me, besides Charm and Sweet Basil (the one in Norman, not Bethany) it is one of my favorite Thai places around the Metro area.

Tana Thai, although small, has a modern feel, a little Asian, a little hip, and it’s bright an airy with nice decor, and a cut-above-decor in tableware for an Asian restaurant.

As I said. the one dining room is small but bright.

The service will be quick, and your waitress probably won’t hang around too long to chat, but only if it’s very busy, which strangely enough, it always is. Today, the older waitress, (whose name goes unknown to me even today, even though she always asks me where Mr. Wonderful is when I dine alone) lets me know my steampunk necklace “though beautiful”, is tucked inside my t-shirt and that I should wear it outside.

I take no offense to her, because she is efficient in her duties, and it’s just what makes her herself. Much like a truck stop diner waitress, this modern Asian waitress, (who I suspect has some ownership in the restaurant), has never let me down in service.  Soon, she delivers my order, the Beef Panang Curry lunch, although being the change-up orderer that I am, I substitute chicken, and the grand total of my lunch order comes to $5.95 plus tax and tip.

Soon, my order is delivered on a retro-boxy plate artfully decorated with fresh, young, tender green beans, red peppers, shaved chicken breast slices and a curry sauce that leaves you wishing for more to soak into your jasmine rice globe sitting alongside of it.

Tana Thai isn’t one of those places where you’ll receive huge portions of food, but I rather like a health-conscious portion of a fresh, beautifully-plated meal over one that will put me to sleep at work after lunch.

Just for kicks today, I ordered a different dish, but my favorite dish at Tana Thai is the Thai Basil Chicken, hands down.  It’s the dish I tried to recreate here.  I’m very close, but still venture forth for satisfaction to satisfy my craving for this, my favorite of all Thai dishes.

Might I suggest Tana Thai’s Pad Thai or any of their curries as well? The soups will fill you up all by themselves while being delicious also.  Try the Tom Kha Gai,  with chicken broth, coconut milk, lemon, chicken, mushrooms and assorted Thai vegetables.  You will be sighing in satisfaction.

You can see pictures and the menu at their website here.

As usual, at most Thai places, there is an offer of heat in any of the dishes.  Tana Thai’s offering is from 1-3, with three being hot enough to cause perspiration to develop under your eyes, so keep that in mind while ordering any of their delicious entrees.

I have yet to find something at fault at this place.

You can find Lunch specials for $5.95 or $6.95 on up.  The service is good, the place is quaint and clean, and the food, is pretty close to unbeatable for a Thai place.

Try Tana Thai soon.  If you’re a Thai food fan, you’ll enjoy it.

Tana Thai Bistro on Urbanspoon

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Paseo Grill – Restaurant Review

2909 Paseo Dr Ste A

Oklahoma City, OK 73103
Phone 405.601.1079
Dollar Factor $$$$
Yum Factor:  ****
website: http://www.paseogrill.com/

So Saturday night was Girls’ Night Out/In.   Paseo Grill was our local fare of choice.  Located in the Paseo Arts District, it was perfect for a dozen crazy women looking for fab food and a night out on the town.

I left the memory card to my camera at home, so sadly, no pictures on this review.  But, I would be sadly remiss in not describing the atmosphere that Paseo Grill brings to you.

When you walk in the door, it is kind of a strange set-up.  You enter the door, face a wall square-on and walk down a narrow entry and around a corner to find the Hostess.  This hallway opens up to a bevy of tables built into the wall, and each table is covered with a gauzy curtain.  Each party seems to have its own private room that way.  Very hip for a romantic night out with your hunny or a private party with a group of friends.  There are also randomly placed reading glasses on the table due to the dark atmosphere which are helpful.

The Appetizer menu is an ecclectic blend  of choices, with everything from Hummus ($7), to Tuna Tartar ($12) to a wonderful Cherry Wood Smoked Salmon with Hearts of Palm and Artichoke Medley ($11).  Something for everyone.  And in Oklahoma, you need something for everyone.  We is an ecclectic bunch, we Okies.

Their wine menu also has a wide selection of choices as does their drink menu.

Our waiter, bless his heart for having to part through many a gauzy curtain to take our order, was very knowledgeable about the menu and specials for the day.  For dinner, I choice the Fresco Chicken Farfalle ($17).  This consisted of  farfalle (bowtie) pasta tossed with sautéed  chicken, hearts of palm, proscuitto, mushrooms, artichokes hearts, and parmesan cheese tossed  in a champagne cream sauce.  The dish was heavenly and skimped on none of the above ingredients.  I was a happy camper.

My friend Julia ordered the Crab and Avocado Salad ($13) which was jumbo lump crab meat and avocado served with a parmesan crisp and mixed greens drizzled in lemon vinaigrette. It was garnished with fried capers, basil, red bell peppers and red onions.  I tasted it, and thought it was okay, but not fabulous for all that was in it.

Several of the girls ordered the Chicken Saltimbocca ($21).  Some had been to Paseo before and raved about it.  It didn’t disappoint and they were very pleased.

Interestingly enough, one of my co-workers was there that evening trying out the food for her daughter’s wedding.  Paseo Grill caters, and even though they didn’t have Mexican on the menu, they served them samplings of a variety of Mexican-themed fare that she thought was very good. This is something to take note of for future thought!

Two of the ladies ordered the daily special which was a filet mignon and were very pleased with the way it was cooked.  In fact, I don’t think I heard a complaint from our party at all.

I have a a friend who highly recommends both the duck and the pot pie at Paseo.  Pot pie is made daily and when it runs out, you’re out of luck though so plan accordingly!

Complimentary dessert was served in tiny parfait glasses with fresh berries and real whipped cream.

Due to the cold, we couldn’t take advantage of the cute patio offered outside, but really, the curtained tables are so cool, I’m not sure if I would have anyway!

Our experience overall was great.  I would definitely go back to Paseo Grill.  I think I’ll drag Mr. Wonderful along next time for something special.  I’d like to get him alone at our own table behind a curtain!

Been to Paseo? What were your thoughts? Please leave a comment below!

Paseo Grill on Urbanspoon

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The Prohibition Room -Restaurant Review

Location:  1112 NW 23rd Street
Oklahoma City, OK
Phone: 601-0363
Website:  prohibitionroom.com
Cost Factor  $$$$
Yum Factor ***

Every Friday here in Oklahoma City, we go to the Bite of OKC website.  They feature a different restaurant each week, and if you get to it fast enough, you get a $50 gift certificate for $25.  It’s a fun way to try out new places for half-price.  Sometimes I make it, sometimes I don’t.  This particular week I scored on getting one for The Prohibition Room.

The Prohibition Room is housed inside the historical Gold Dome building at 23rd and Classen.


I was excited to see inside the Gold Dome building, as I vaguely remember a lot of fuss over them trying to tear it down a few years back.  There was a major push to save it and make it a historical place.  For some reason, I thought the entire building housed only the restaurant, so I was a little surprised to see that it only occupies a small portion.

Upon entering, you’ll see a pretty large lobby.

inside gold dome

The Prohibition Room will be on your immediate left as you enter.  One entire wall  of the restaurant is windows and glass doors so you’ll spot it easily.

There were about 30-40 four-seater tables with soft candles glowing on them and some really cool jazz music playing featuring the swank of the 30’s and 40’s.  The word Speakeasy comes to mind.  Remember that in history?

We noticed that practically all of the tables were vacant, and most customers were seated at the bar.


The reason for that is probably their extensive menu of good stiff drinks served up at the restaurant.

Mr. Wonderful and I aren’t big drinkers, it was date-night, and we were interested in the food, so we took a seat at one of the softly-lit tables.  A little bit of our conversation…

Him: “Holy cow!  “There’s a lot more drink choices than food choices.”
Me: “There’s a Lobster Medallion sandwich.”
Him: “LOOK! They have a pasta with those prawn thingies.  Aren’t they like little lobsters?”
Me: “They’re like long shrimp on steroids.  OH, they have Chicago Hotdogs”.
(We had just taken those and fixings for them  to a party the other night).

Him: “That couple at the bar needs to get a room”.

Long, uncomfortable pause as I turned around.

Me: “She must have drank that Absinthe stuff they serve.”


Absinthe is  a spirit served at The Prohibition Room, that invokes disturbing dreams due to the super-high alcohol content.  Absinthe was at one time banned in the United States.  It’s dripped over a sugar cube when served and it’s beyond me why someone would want to punish themselves that way.

Our waitress came over and, as always, we befriended her and asked for suggestions. This is always a good idea as the wait-staff have probably tried everything and know what’s really good.

We started out by ordering a ceasar salad (included with meal) for  each of us.  Mr. Wonderful ordered the Filet Medallions ($18) and I ordered the Roasted Pork Loin ($15).  That was easy.

Picking our sides wasn’t.

The sides offered are roasted potatoes, garlic mashed potatoes, mashed sweet potatoes, sweet potato fries, green beans, grilled asparagus, sauteed spinach, broccolini, summer squash, baby beets, baby turnips, and baby carrots.

We sat and stared at the waitress with a look of “how will we ever pick?” in our eyes.

In the end, I got the sweet potato fries and grilled asparagus, and Mr. Wonderful opted for the roasted potatoes and saueteed spinach.  All were excellent choices and delicious.

Mr. Wonderful gave me a bite of his steak and it was melt-in-your mouth to die for.  My pork loin had an amazing sauce brushed over it of a sweet whole grain mustard.  It was fabulous.  The salad looked kind of ordinary at first, but further investigation delighted us with many large shavings of fresh parmesan nestled between the salad chunks.  However, if you’re looking for a homeade ceaser salad, you should probably order the house salad.


Our food was hot and perfectly cooked.  The service was actually really good. Our waitress was informative and came by often.

Our overall experience was great.  Next time we’ll try one of their appetizers.  I was drooling reading the Brushchetta selection ($12).  For $12 you choose 4 of an array of toppings, like fig and prosciutto and brie and fuji apples. Or I am intrigued by the choices, like  Mussels and Thai Sausage ($12).  Check out the menu and try this place.

Mr. Wonderful is a tough cookie to please.  He loved the place and had no complaints, except for that one couple…

Maybe they won’t be there next time.

**Added note – we did visit The Prohibition Room for a 2nd time and had some issues with the food compared to our first time.  The owner has contacted me and was very concerned about what troubled us and has offered to check into it.  Hopefully, we’ll have a better experience if we try it again. 


Prohibition Room on Urbanspoon

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The Wedge Pizzeria Restaurant Review


Location:  4709 N. Western
Phone:  602-3477
website:  www.thewedgeokc.com

Dollar Factor $$               Yum Factor  ***

Every Tuesday night, Mr. Wonderful and I have a date night. Last night we spent date night at The Wedge.

Now let me just say, at the risk of being labeled “un American” that I am not a big pizza fan.  I am however, a gourmet pizza fan so I was actually excited about trying The Wedge.

Mr. Wonderful was pretty hungry, so he wouldn’t even wait for me to take a picture of the front of the store.  Note that he’s in the above picture, leaving me in the dirt, all alone, feeling like a fool photographing a pizza joint.  I think sometimes he has the thought of  “Why can’t we just eat without critiquing or taking pictures?”

Sometimes he’s right.  Why can’t we?

Stepping into The Wedge, I was actually surprised by the size of the tiny dining room coupled with the bar and brick oven, all in one trendy little room.  I think I counted around 15 or so tables for 2, which can be pushed together, according to your group size.  Behind the bar are a few guys who are feverishly running back and forth and attending to the customer orders.  It’s neat to see one of them slapping and throwing pizzas up in the air.  Overall, the atmosphere is fun, trendy and hip.  The restaurant boasts that their ingredients are locally sourced or purchased from certified organic growers.


If you choose to, you can eat outside on a romantic patio which would be wonderful on one of our rare, but beautiful Oklahoma evenings.


However, we missed the 2 week window of beautiful Oklahoma evenings and chose to go inside. We sat down and looked at the small menu and realized this wasn’t your typical pizza place.  Now, mind you, they do have The American Pie version ($14.00), which contains your traditional marinara sauce, meatballs and onions, but the exciting thing about The Wedge is – they have untraditional toppings you might not be expecting at a pizza joint.  Toppings like prosciutto, figs, sage, capers, capicolla, truffle oil, roasted pine nuts, and arugula.  These kind of toppings are a foodie’s dream.  I was happy.  Mr. Wonderful kind of looked at the menu and had this puzzled look on his face.  I could tell he was thinking...”figs?”

We settled on splitting the Fresh Spinach Salad ($6.00) to begin.


I’ve been on a fresh pear kick lately and this wasn’t a disappointment.  Fresh spinach was topped with a sliced fresh pear half, sprinkled with Asiago cheese and candied walnuts and topped with a Dijon vinaigrette that was fantastic.  The nuts had a spicy kick to them as well and the overall taste was great.  It was a little pricey at $6 but was very good.

Other things we saw go by our table were the Wedge Trio ($8.00), a mix of flatbread, roasted artichoke hearts and hummus.  You can get the  flatbread alone ($3.50) and it is  basically pizza dough mixed with some olive oil and rosemary.  It seems to be a favorite. Another appetizer we saw at the table next to us was the Antipasto platter ($9.00) and was an assortment of marinated seasonal vegetables, cheese and saluma.  The Wedge does tell you that their menu is subject to change based on seasonal items.  I love that in a restaurant…it tells you that you’ll get seasonal freshness and change.  It’s refreshing and quaint.

Following the salad, we ordered the Truffle Shuffle ($15.00).  Our waitress told us this was the house favorite.


It had roasted chicken, cremini mushrooms, spinach and sage, and was topped with parmesan and mozzerella cheese and then drizzled with white truffle oil.  The flavor was fantastic and the hint of sage gave it a gourmet yum- factor taste that made me smile.  It was all I could do to get a picture of this before Mr. Wonderful had the spatula under a piece and tossing it on a plate.  He was hungry and this looked amazing.


You can also build your own pie with  your choice of four sauces, six cheeses and a selection of gourmet toppings.

The Wedge also offers a variety assortment of drinks, from beer and wine to homemade cream soda and italian sodas.

I should note, if you’re looking for anything else at The Wedge besides pizza, this isn’t the place to go.  Other than salads and a few appetizers, The Wedge is about pizza, and it’s done well.

For dessert, we chose the gelato.  It came with one scoop of pistachio and one scoop of Double Chocolate and was out of this world delicious.

The Wedge Pizzeria is a a little pricey for a pizza joint, but based on the ingredients and quality, I think it’d have to be.  We were more than full splitting one pizza, salad and gelato and being water drinkers, our bill topped out around $30.

Try it for a date night of your own sometime.

Oh yeah, after the pizza and gelato? I finally got a smile out of Mr. Wonderful.

The Wedge Pizzeria on Urbanspoon


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