8-10-09 Daddy Hinkle’s & A New York Strip

8-26-09 Urbanspoon – A Cool Site for OKC Eating

8-27-09 EatAroundOKC -Another Cool Site

1-7-10 2009 Okie Blog Awards

1-9-10 My Kind of Candy Store – Market Source Restaurant Supply!

1-22-10 Shawnee Mills Products

3-13-10 Feria Latina Super Market – Oklahoma City

3-26-10 Oklahoma, You’re Doing Fine Kickoff – Lake Visits!

4-19-10 Where I was at 9:02 A.M. April 19, 1995

4-28-10 What We Do Around Here for Fun

4-30-10 Super Cao Nguyen in Oklahoma City – Asian Market

5-11-10 Oklahoma and Tornados go Hand in Hand

5-16-10 Sundays Prayer

5-17-10 My Morning on Rise and Shine Oklahoma

6-11-10 The Oklahoma Farmer’s Market – Downtown

6-13-10 Festival Market Place Farmers Market -Edmond


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