Home & Family

I hope you enjoy some of the wonders and irrational behavior of my family.


3-11-09 Here they Are! The Family!

3-11-09 Babies

3-22-09 What Boys & Girls Do

3-29-09 Acquire the Fire -a Miraculous Experience

4-5-09 Meet the Dogs!

3-22-09  Bald is Beautiful…Umm Handsome

4-10-09 Fitness –Week #1  

4-11-09 A Saturday with Mr. Wonderful

4-19-09 Spring Fever and a April (Wedding) Shower

4-23-09 Fourth Anniversary with My Sweetheart

5-11-09 Mom’s & Daughters -Mother’s Day 2009

5-20-09 Just Yesterday She was a Baby

5-21-09 Gone Fishin’

5-27-09 A Day at the Lake

6-6-09 Who Doesn’t Love Weddings?

6-16-09 The Love Dare – Our Next 8 Weeks

6-17-09 Boys That Grow Up into Men

6-20-09 If Dogs Could Say “Can You Come Out and Play?”

6-21-09 I Think He Liked Father’s Day

6-25-09 The Perfect Chair

7-3-09 The Little Things He Does – Building a Photo Lightbox

7-6-09 Happy Birthday Mom!

7-20-09 A Picture That Hurts a Mother’s Heart

7-23-09 Kayla’s Mission Trip to Haiti – and a Worried Mom

8-8-09 And She’s Gone

8-10-09 Mom & Dad’s 50th Wedding Celebration

8-17-09 Happy Birthday Tori!

9-13-09 Girl’s Nite Out #1!

10-2-09 Happy Birthday Jason!

10-20-09 Fall Youth Retreat

11-04-09 Pictures from the Past

11-13-09 Dogs & Leaves Don’t Mix Well

11-19-09 This Dog Has me Sooo Wrapped!

11-26-09 Giving Thanks

12-08-09 The 12 Days of Christmas Foodie Wish List

12-16-09 Five Parties in a Week – The Holiday Crazies

12-19-09  A Christmas Party Just for Girls

12-20-09  A Little Girl’s First Christmas

12-25-09  Merry Christmas All!

12-25-09 A Christmas Thought

12-27-09 Christmas Gifts for the Kitchen from our Kids & Mr. Wonderful

1-03-09 Happy Birthday Mr. Wonderful!

1-21-10 15 Years of Friendships-Two Crazy Girls

1-28-10 Storm’s A Comin’

1-28-10  Things to Do When You’re Snowed In

1-30-10  Not Your Favorite Site With a Newly Driving Teen

2-8-10 Big Game Craziness

2-11-10 The Pole

2-13-10 Ideas for a Valentine Dinner at Home

2-14-10 Happy Valentines Mr. Wonderful

2-17-10 Our Own Personal Garfield & Odie

2-27-10 My New Granddog

3-1-10 Kayla’s Personal Choice

3-21-10 Spring Break My Foot!

3-21-10 Family & Spring Break

3-23-10 Goin to a Movie Premiere

3-31-10 Papa’s Day Off

4-2-10 A Week With My Folks

4-4-10 Happy Easter!

4-5-10 From Train Wrecks to Fuzzy Feet

4-7-10 Portrait of Atticus Finch – Conner in To Kill a Mockingbird

4-12-10 The Battle

4-21-10 The Grill Master

4-23-10 The Proposal

5-9-10 Happy Mom’s Day

5-10-10 A Trip to India

5-15-10 A Few of My Favorite Things

5-17-10 My Morning on Rise & Shine Oklahoma

5-18-10 Pictures from India

5-19-10 Happy 19th Birthday in India!

5-24-10 Boys Will Be Boys

6-1-10 My Haven and the Rodents That Destroy It

6-7-10 Weekend With Jaderbug

6-8-10 Kayla in India

6-14-10 The Gift of Mr. Wonderful

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