To My Dad

This is my Dad.  He’s the World’s Best Dad.

I have a lot of memories of my Dad over the years.   He’s also a great Grandpa.

I remember my Dad sleeping with each one of my kids laying on his chest shortly after they were born.

I think I inherited the sleeping with your mouth open thing…just like that too!

I remember him loving to hold them.

I also remember those early 90’s huge glasses he wore! And those two boys?  He now wrestles with them…

My parents have always been caring, loving grandparents.  They took my kids to the petting zoo, the dairy farm, swimming, and yes, my Dad even braved the cold to pull them around on a sled in Michigan in the winter.

He builds great campfires and makes the best browned and golden marshmallows for S’Mores you ever saw!

It was so interesting to go through these pictures and see all the styles and colors of hair I had…and how I seemed to be pregnant forever!

So today, I want to wish my Dad a Happy Father’s Day!  Thanks for being the quality Dad and Grandpa all these years Dad.

We love you!



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3 responses to “To My Dad

  1. Nanny

    You think of everything, Katie! Who is the lady on the last picture with your Dad? LOL
    Love, Mom

  2. Fran

    what a loving tribute to your dad. May all dads have a wonderful day today and everyday.

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