Oklahoma City Farmer’s Market – Farmer Market Visit #1

Today begins the first in my three-part series on Farmer’s Markets in the Oklahoma City metro area.

I love fresh produce and locally grown ingredients, so I am on a quest to find the best of the best, and that means trying out farmer’s markets.

I begin with the oldest and longest running  market – the Oklahoma City Farmer’s Market.

The Oklahoma City Farmer’s Market is located at 311 S. Klein downtown.  You can visit their website here. It has been around since 1928.

Perhaps the most recognizable building at the Oklahoma City Farmer’s Market, you notice immediately upon driving in.

This building is the  original building from when the market first opened in 1928.  The downstairs level not only housed stalls for the farmers and fresh produce, but upstairs you could find a roller skating rink and boxing matches.

Today this building boasts of weddings, receptions and grand parties upstairs.  Mr. Wonderful and I recently attended a party here for the Allied Arts ARTini event.

Merciful heavens, THIS is why I take pictures of other people most of the time.  I look like such a goof in that picture.

But, we had a ball and the main room was fantastic.

This is a huge area upstairs that has a stage and plenty of room for any event you might want to host.

Surrounding this building, are many smaller vendors stalls and buildings, including several produce buildings.

In certain seasons, the produce markets will have freshly roasted peanuts you can buy by the sack to snack on while you shop.

Not all of the produce is local.  You’ll have to look for those marked local if that is what you desire.

There are many antique stores and specialty shops around as well.  Please visit the website to see a full list of vendors.

This is the part of the Farmer’s Market that truly excites me.


I could spend hours browsing through this huge flower market.

These ladies won’t let you get back to your car without buying something from their huge selection of annuals and perennials.  They will let you make them an offer if you think something’s too high.

I walked away with some tall phlox and some bees balm that were buy-one- get-one-free.  They told me they’re having a huge sale this weekend.

As Arnold would say…”I’ll be back”.

My opinion of the Oklahoma City Farmer’s Market?

The produce that’s locally grown , is worth getting. I  walked away with some locally grown beets, spring onions and parsnips.  And just because I can never resist them, some Vidalia onions (probably not locally grown).  I’m a sucker for fresh-roasted peanuts also.  Overall the produce just didn’t wow me though.

The other shops are quaint and fun to browse through.  The main building is perfect to visit or host an event at.

But I will return time and time again for the flowers.

Do you live in the metro area? Where do you like to shop for produce?



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5 responses to “Oklahoma City Farmer’s Market – Farmer Market Visit #1

  1. I love produce markets. I’m not sure Tulsa has anything quite like that though?

    Loved all the pictures!!

    Have a nice weekend.

  2. I love all the pictures including the one of you!!! I think you both make a lovely couple and you know I just love your hair . I mean really, it almost looks exactly like my color!

  3. Nanny

    I guess I’ll have to go to the Flint, Michigan Farmer’s Market tomorrow morning! Love you!

  4. dishinanddishes

    Annette – YES! I do love Pam’s!

  5. Annette

    Don’t you just love PAMS! I can spend hours there every weekend! Beautiful!Thanks for the post about this OKC treasure! Annette

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