Under Construction…Bring a Hard Hat

Some exciting news is coming by way of the Dishes site soon.  Here’s a hint…

Please bear with me while I put on my hard hat and move Dishin to a new home..a self-hosted one.

This is partly due to …well, I’ve just needed to do it for awhile.  There are features available to me that aren’t available through WordPress by doing so.

The process so far hasn’t been bad…I’ve only developed a mild migraine…

Please send Ibuprofen.

Thank you for your kindness and please…

Speak softly…



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5 responses to “Under Construction…Bring a Hard Hat

  1. Wow!! Sounds exciting.. can’t wait to see the new look and what else you have in store!!

  2. Don’t know what you are using, but I’ve had great luck with my yahoo sitebuilder for my dance studio’s website.

    Love your recipes and your “dishin”!

  3. Sharon

    I don’t know what all this chatter means, but I still better be able to find you! I really enjoy your blog and recipes.

  4. Nanny

    No problem getting to your blog with .com…..but my computer then still says wordpress.com at the top. Love your “Under Construction” part!!
    Love you….Mom

    • dishinanddishes

      Mom – yes it’s just pointed to wordpress right now because I’m still constructing it over…soon it will be all .com!

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