Tana Thai Bistro- Restaurant Review

Tana Thai Bistro
10700 N. May Avenue
Oklahoma City, OK 73120
Dollar Factor $$
Taste Factor $$$

website:  http://www.tanathai.com/

So today I was at a four-day training session for work up in the Northwest side of Oklahoma City and it made me dangerously close to one of my favorite Thai restaurants.

Tana Thai.

Mr. Wonderful and Jason took me here for the first time, and to me, besides Charm and Sweet Basil (the one in Norman, not Bethany) it is one of my favorite Thai places around the Metro area.

Tana Thai, although small, has a modern feel, a little Asian, a little hip, and it’s bright an airy with nice decor, and a cut-above-decor in tableware for an Asian restaurant.

As I said. the one dining room is small but bright.

The service will be quick, and your waitress probably won’t hang around too long to chat, but only if it’s very busy, which strangely enough, it always is. Today, the older waitress, (whose name goes unknown to me even today, even though she always asks me where Mr. Wonderful is when I dine alone) lets me know my steampunk necklace “though beautiful”, is tucked inside my t-shirt and that I should wear it outside.

I take no offense to her, because she is efficient in her duties, and it’s just what makes her herself. Much like a truck stop diner waitress, this modern Asian waitress, (who I suspect has some ownership in the restaurant), has never let me down in service.  Soon, she delivers my order, the Beef Panang Curry lunch, although being the change-up orderer that I am, I substitute chicken, and the grand total of my lunch order comes to $5.95 plus tax and tip.

Soon, my order is delivered on a retro-boxy plate artfully decorated with fresh, young, tender green beans, red peppers, shaved chicken breast slices and a curry sauce that leaves you wishing for more to soak into your jasmine rice globe sitting alongside of it.

Tana Thai isn’t one of those places where you’ll receive huge portions of food, but I rather like a health-conscious portion of a fresh, beautifully-plated meal over one that will put me to sleep at work after lunch.

Just for kicks today, I ordered a different dish, but my favorite dish at Tana Thai is the Thai Basil Chicken, hands down.  It’s the dish I tried to recreate here.  I’m very close, but still venture forth for satisfaction to satisfy my craving for this, my favorite of all Thai dishes.

Might I suggest Tana Thai’s Pad Thai or any of their curries as well? The soups will fill you up all by themselves while being delicious also.  Try the Tom Kha Gai,  with chicken broth, coconut milk, lemon, chicken, mushrooms and assorted Thai vegetables.  You will be sighing in satisfaction.

You can see pictures and the menu at their website here.

As usual, at most Thai places, there is an offer of heat in any of the dishes.  Tana Thai’s offering is from 1-3, with three being hot enough to cause perspiration to develop under your eyes, so keep that in mind while ordering any of their delicious entrees.

I have yet to find something at fault at this place.

You can find Lunch specials for $5.95 or $6.95 on up.  The service is good, the place is quaint and clean, and the food, is pretty close to unbeatable for a Thai place.

Try Tana Thai soon.  If you’re a Thai food fan, you’ll enjoy it.

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