My daughter, who you might remember is on a Worship music mission trip to Hyderabad, India changed her Facebook profile picture to this today. And here is what she posted as her status update…

It’s hard not to cry when you sing the song Healer and a whole bunch of little kids who all have HIV/AIDS just start crying and running into your arms.

And I sat here and cried for her, and those precious children, who by no choice of their own are in an orphanage with no parents and AIDS.

All they want is to be healed…

And probably to have parents as well.  They’d probably just settle for one of the two things.

Count your blessing every day my friends.

P.S.  Photos courtesy of Brettley Ruggles, the awesome photographer, co-team leader of Team India.  Here she is 🙂



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9 responses to “Tears

  1. My heart aches for those children. It is so unfair. Thank God for people like your daughter. And thank you for allowing her to do this.

  2. Alyse

    I thank God for you daughter and her faith. She is blessing those children in so many ways and is a true representative of Christ’s Love.
    I write this with my own tears, as a mother and a Christian.

  3. kent fischer

    Your daughters journey is but a part of your journey. We all must remember our own journeys interconnect with so many others. May we all learn from those connnections.

  4. Wow, Yesterday we prayed for our hearts to break over things that breaks Gods heart. Here’s another sample. It’s occurrences like these that drive each to help/hold/love. I’m so thankful Kayla has this opportunity. It’s hard but God uses these for good. Her heart has been further enriched with His love.

  5. oh.. what a sweet post. What an amazing daughter you have there. May God richly bless her and use her as she touches the lives of those sweet children.

  6. I’m grateful for the love your daughter and others are able and willing to share with them. There are so many little ones in this world with so many injustices. I wish everything was fixable, you know?
    Thanks for the reminder about a world outside of our own bubble.

  7. Melisa Zimmerman

    Being a mom is one of the greatest blessings. I rejoice with you my great friend as we celebrate the wonderful servant you have raised. Way to go Kayla. Way to go Katie for being a great mom.

  8. Shelley Stevenson

    Oh my, that’s so precious. And God sends our daughters to these places to be God’s arms to hold them and God’s face to shine on them while praying for their complete and total healing.

  9. Crying along with you ~ so said, so precious.

    Prayers and hugs.

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