McLinky Monday – This Summer’s Plans?

The Ladies at the RHOK asked the question for their McLinky Monday today, “What are your plans for this summer”?

What? Is it summer? How and when did that happen?

It just hasn’t registered yet with me since our kids are in school until next Thursday, May 27th due to numerous snow days we had this winter.  For some reason, we don’t ever expect it to snow here, don’t build any days into the school calender, and then when it does, all chaos breaks loose.

I work for our school administration here, but instead of having the summer off, I probably do more work in the summer.  We upgrade our database and train a bunch of new teachers each summer.  I have to schedule vacation time around all of this. AND, taking off the month of August is a no-no in my profession because we’re gearing up the first two weeks for school to start.

I’m going to be honest with you. 

I haven’t even considered what I’m doing this summer yet for vacation.  I hope to make it to Michigan with the kids and Mr. Wonderful for some time with my folks and my brother and new sis-in-law.

My brother married his high school sweetheart last month and I haven’t seen her since they graduated so I can’t wait!  Here’s a tiny little picture of them at Senior Prom together many years ago.

Seriously, remember the southern belle prom dresses?   Swoon.

Here’s a few shots of them getting married on a beach in Florida in April of this year.

I am not a plan every day out sightseeing type of gal on vacation.  What I’d love to do this summer is rent a lake house somewhere, RELAX, and drag our boat and all our kids for a week and just spend some quality time together.  If you’re from Oklahoma, and have suggestions, I’d love to hear them!

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13 responses to “McLinky Monday – This Summer’s Plans?

  1. Have you taken your boat to Table Rock Lake in Missouri? We don’t have a boat so we never head to the lake. I’ve always wanted to rent a boat for the day in Branson, though.

  2. Katie, I didn’t realize you worked for the school system. You really don’t get much of a summer break. That was one of the perks of teaching when I taught years ago.

    I’m thinking you all should buy (or borrow) some four wheelers and meet us out at Little Sahara. There’s nothing like a little sand in your teeth. Ha!

    Thanks for playing along today.

    Mrs. Albright

  3. Lovely pictures -yes *Swoon* over that dress! A lake house and boating does sound nice -Have a good summer!

  4. ShaRhonda

    Oh what beautiful wedding pictures! How romantic! Thanks for linking up today. Congrats to your brother and his bride. Don’t work too hard this summer! Take that boat and explore all of Oklahoma’s Lakes! ♥Mrs. Hart♥

  5. Love the pictures! How sweet is that prom picture?! And now married on the beach, what a story they will have to share in years to come.

    Try these locations…

    Grove (up on Grand Lake)…awesome! Grand is a beautiful, huge lake and Habor Village is an awesome place to visit.

    Also, Beaver’s Bend State Park. Beautiful, relaxing, but probably not as much “to do”. Still lots of fun.

    Don’t work too hard this summer….and yes, we’ll try to get together before long.


    • dishinanddishes

      we visited Grand 2 summers ago…it’s a BIG lake for our little boat but pretty.

      Beaver’s Bend – we haven’t tried!

  6. We don’t have a boat to drag but otherwise … ditto! 🙂

  7. *sigh* A lake house, a few books, no kids, no plans….I wonder if I can make that happen for Mr. Nesbitt and me this summer…..

    Nah. Probably not. 🙂

    Thanks for sharing!

    ~~Mrs. Nesbitt

  8. A trip anywhere away from home is a vacation. To be able to shut the door and get in the car and drive to somewhere different… that’s relaxing!

  9. I love that prom picture. Prom pictures always crack me up.

    The lake house sounds wonderful. I’d like to do that as well. Maybe we will if BP ruins our FL beach vacation plans this summer.

  10. those are beautiful wedding photos!

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