Happy 19th Birthday Kayla (In India)!

So in India today at around 1:30 PM, it will be my daughter’s birthday over there cuz it will actually be midnight in Hyderabad, where she is serving on a mission trip!

In Hindi, I would say, “Janam Din ki badhai!”

Or in the language commonly spoken in Hyderabad, I would say ” Puttina Roju Shubakanksalu!”

As a Mom, I would say…

Happy Birthday Kayla, we miss and love you very much!  Nineteen years ago, I gave birth to your tiny, wrinkly, red-headed self.  I never dreamed you’d be in INDIA on your 19th birthday, although I did have dreams for you that have come true. You have far exceeded the wonderful person I hoped you’d become.  I am so proud of you and I hope your day is filled with blessings and fun and miracles.

Love Mom



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5 responses to “Happy 19th Birthday Kayla (In India)!

  1. I love the picture, so creative! And What a joy to have your daughter wholeheartedly serving the Lord on her 19th bday. Now THAT is a blessing!

  2. Kayla

    Ok… i must say.. this picture is just hilarious. hahaha

    but i love the blog : ) thank you so much mom! i lovey ou so much! and honestly being surprised by you and tori was the best gift i could have ever gotten while being here. i loveyou all so much : )

  3. Kayla,

    Happy Birthday! May you special day be blessed with incredible memories!

    Love in His Name!

  4. Happy Birthday to your beautiful daughter.

    I’m sure you do miss her so much. I hope she is reaching many for Christ.

  5. Heyy, happy birthday, Kayla! I hope she’s having tons of fun in India. Tell her that all your readers are wishing her a wonderful day and are celebrating another year older and wiser for her! X)

    I’m only 15, so… 😀 19 seems old to me. 😛

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