My Morning on Rise and Shine Oklahoma!


It’s over!  But actually, I had a blast!

This morning we (Mr. Wonderful, Tori and I) had to show up at the KAUT KFOR news studio bright and early.

Wow, we could see the damage of the previous days hail on their lot as we drove up.

Trees just had their leaves shredded off all over and it looked like the lawn had been aerated, but was really just pummeled by the hail.  Several of their skylights had also been smashed in.

I’m just going to confess to you, although I shouldn’t, that I was a tad bit nervous.

As in, I didn’t sleep all night.  Well, maybe for a couple of hours.  Part of it was that Tori and I did the P90X leg workout and I was sore.

Part of it was, I had grabbed a metal basket off the grill with my bare hands the day before and my fingers were blistered.  The thought did enter my mind…”HD TV, will it show a blister on my finger?  I haven’t had a facial in ages, will my PORES show for pete’s sake?”

But, a lot of it was I was just nervous.

We had to walk up to the front door and pick up a black phone, which then rang.

One of the producers came down and let us in and walked us back to the set, where he sat us at the edge of the news set.

Mr. Wonderful and Tori, both armed with cameras, sat alongside of me and watched all the action.

It was a lot different than I expected.  People were talking while Lance West, the newscaster was doing his thing. I was expecting strict silence so that was kind of a relief.  The atmosphere was pretty light-hearted.

Lance was the nicest person!  He sensed right away I was nervous, and kept talking to me in between takes and asking me questions.  I wonder if he thought I was going to fall apart…in fact, I wondered that myself!

These guys are good! I’m telling you they can really fly by the seat of their pants.  That button goes live and they switch over to professionalism very quickly.

Weatherman David Payne joined Lance.  These two are a hoot together. They crack me up.

It was hard to get good pictures as we were in a very dark part of the set and there was a bit of a problem when a young lady at a desk behind the set discovered a baby possum loose on the set.  The camera guy went over to try to help.  They were trying to get the thing in a wastebasket, all while the show was just rolling on.

Then, finally, after about 45 minutes of watching how the show worked, (which was very cool). it was time for my spot.

I guess I thought they’d maybe critique my hair or makeup, or adjust my clothing, but no, they just whizzed away Lance’s  news desk and brought up two chairs and clipped a mike to me.

And about 2 seconds before the camera guy said “Live”, I asked “HEY, where do I look?” Thank GOD he told me to just look at Lance.

Because once I did that, my nerves calmed, and it was just like a nice conversation between us.

Up above us, was a TV monitor, showing the interview.  I got thrown when my blog appeared on the screen in front of us! I was thinking “WOW, look at that, my blog is on the TV screen”.  It was a strange feeling.

You know that part where they say to “do what you love and it will come easy to you”?

The conversation was very comfortable as I began to talk about my family, cooking and eating out at local Oklahoma City restaurants. Again, thank you Lance for being the kind and comfortable soul that you are and making me feel at ease.

I took the guys and girls at the station a basket of goodies to snack on during their day.  I took them some of my Sweet Corn Muffins with Strawberry Honey Butter and some of my Triple Cinnamon Snickerdoodle Bars.

Again, I apologize for the calories I bestowed upon you guys at KAUT 43.  I highly recommend the P90X workout videos.  They’ll wear it right off of you. Especially the legs DVD.  Ouch.

I truly appreciate you Rise and Shine Oklahoma, for having me on today.  You’re the best!

If you’d like to see a video of my segment you can view it by clicking here.

Now, I’m going to go and take nap for a couple of hours.



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11 responses to “My Morning on Rise and Shine Oklahoma!

  1. Dawn told me about this. Congrats! Now I’m off to check out your recipes. 🙂

  2. Wow, this is awesome! I can’t believe that one of the best blogs I read is on TV!! 😀 Congratulations! XD

  3. I loved it! Mom called from AZ. She loved it too. We’re so proud of you. See, I told you…’re gonna go far with this. Your passion is showing!
    God has certainly blessed you with a gift for writing and sharing.

  4. bunny

    Congrats! You’re a star!

  5. Judy Knight

    Wish I could have seen it, Katie, but from what you wrote about it, it was awesome!! I knew you could do it!


  6. guess the posts are traveling two for one, today;-)

  7. Katie, I posted and it seems it didn’t go through. I’ll be back later…..hate to post again, incase that one finally pops up!

    You look wonderful!

  8. Wow, Katie! That was awesome! I am so happy for you.

    That was funny about the baby possum! I bet they never have a dull moment.

    You looked lovely, my friend. Just think ~ I can say, “I knew her before….”

    BTW, you have a prize over at the prairie maid. Just incase you get too relaxed to go blog hopping this evening.


  9. OMG!! Can I have your autograph?! LOL!

    You look just beautiful sitting there on that stage.

    What an exciting morning for you (and your blog!)

    I bet we’ll see your blog just take off now with tons of new followers. Yay!!

  10. teenykitchen

    Wow! That is so exciting! Wish I could have seen it over here in VA!

  11. Nila Dutcher

    Awesome job Katie!! I’m so proud of you….Had to show the clip to all my coworkers. “Hey, I know that creative sweetie on TV”. 🙂

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