Homemade Poppyseed Dressing and A New Salad!

Poppyseed dressing is one of my favorite salad dressings. This is great over salads but also wonderful drizzled over a fresh fruit salad.

This recipe came to me through my kids Great-Grandma on their Dad’s side.  My kids affectionately referred to her as “Mamoo”.  Mamoo was a true southern lady who made wonderful southern food.  She taught me this recipe.  Use your blender, if you have a good one, or your food processor, and you can whip this dressing up in minutes flat. Look how easy this is…

This is the perfect time to make this dressing because Vidalia onions (super sweet!) are in grocery stores all over right now.  If you can find them, I highly recommend using one! 

Cut a medium size onion in half.  Cut it in half again and toss the chunks into your food processor. (You’re only using 1/2 of the onion).

Dump in one and one-half cups of sugar.  Yes, that’s a lot.  I realize this…

Now you know why poppyseed dressing is so good.  Also measure out one teaspoon of salt.  Toss it in.

Pour in two-thirds of a cup of apple cider vinegar.

Put the lid on your blender or processor and give it a whir for about one minute. Everything should be completely liquified.

Now using your pour spout at the top of your blender or food processor, very slowly drizzle in 2 cups of vegetable or canola oil.  I haven’t tried olive oil, because I’m not sure if it’s too fruity of a flavor for the dressing.  One day, I’ll just bite the bullet and try it.  I think it might be fine.

Let this continue to blend for about 2 minutes and really emulsify (get thicker).  It will also get quite a bit thicker when it’s refrigerated.

When you have about 20 seconds left to go, add in three tablespoons of poppyseeds.

Let those blend in and you’re done.

Now, poppyseed dressing is kind of a grayish-white dressing.  Mamoo used to make it pretty by adding in a few drops of red food coloring.  But I don’t find it necessary.

Pour it into a jar or bowl, and you’re ready to go. 

You may want to chill your dressing first.  Let me show you what I put mine on. 

I grilled up some chicken breasts.  I always do a couple extras to have on hand during the week for a quick lunch.

Slice up a whole chicken breast. 

Now, I start my salad with some fresh spring mix.  Then I add the chicken, sliced strawberries, (apples are good too!),green onions and some of my Spiced Candied Walnuts.  Oh yes… I shave on some  fresh parmesan.

Then drizzle some of your freshly made Poppyseed Dressing over top.

And dig in…oh yummmm!

This my friends, is a treat.  Especially on a warm day in the summer. 

It’s delicious.

Katie’s Printable Recipe –Homemade Poppyseed Dressing



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6 responses to “Homemade Poppyseed Dressing and A New Salad!

  1. Hey, that’s my recipe! LOL! I use splenda in mine now instead of the sugar and dried mustard! I also use spinach!

  2. Oh, my word! That looks heavenly! I’m bookmarking this!

  3. I really should read your blog more… I need help in the kitchen! And that salad looks incredible. Can I link you up to my blog so I can see when you post?

  4. Love your photos! Such great color in your salad. YUM!

  5. Nanny

    Your Dad and I are hooked on poppyseed dressing! I’ll have to make some of this up instead of buying it from the store. The salad looks really yummy too. Love you!

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