Family & Spring Break

This week has been spent enjoying my kids.  I cherish every moment my girls are home from college now and we didn’t do anything spectucular, other than just hanging out and being together.

It reminds me thought that that is basically what life comes down to.  Not the activities you do, the places you go, the things you get, but the memories you have together.  Anyone who tells you quality of time is better than quantity, well….I just don’t buy it. Those whom I’m closest to?  I need my time with them.  In fact, I cherish it.

When that day comes that I lay my head down for the last time, I hope I’ve spent some quality time with those I love most.  I hope they have lots of memories of good times together.  I hope my epitaph reads something like this:

“Katie loved the most that she could and made every moment count with those she loved”

Ok, on a less serious note – I saw the most outlandish car this week I’ve ever seen…I surely think it belongs to Satan or one of his minions…

Seriously, who drives a car covered with skulls and bullets?

Is there any chance this person will ever read this blog?



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2 responses to “Family & Spring Break

  1. laura johnstonbaugh

    first off, you are so sweet! your kids and you all adore each other and that is so special! you guys are all so blessed to have each other! secondly, why do i think it’s hilarious that satanmobile is at walmart?! WEIRD!!!

    • dishinanddishes

      Laura – I know…right? And it was there for awhile, so I think the person may work there…ya never know who’s bagging your groceries!

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