T, an Urban Tea House

7518 N. May Ave.
Oklahoma City, OK 73116
Dollar Factor: Varies
Taste Factor:  ****

Last night Mr. Wonderful and I ate dinner at home and then ventured out to T, an Urban Teahouse.  My intrigue with T asked the question, “how did I NOT know about this place?”!!

My sis-in-law Cheryl had been in a class with the owner and she just told me about it this week, so I had to check it out.

The inside of T is very pristine, without a lot of clutter.

The decor is simple, and artwork on the walls features local artists and is changed every 6 weeks.  When they do, they offer tea cocktails and celebrate.  If you give them your e-mail address, they will let you know when that’s happening.

There are a few tables and chairs and some lounge chairs in a corner, and there is a tea bar where you can sit and chat with your tea monger of the night.

Hello Mr. Wonderful!

We sat at the bar, and talked to Justine, who was amazingly knowledgeable about all the teas behind the bar that you could select.

We looked over the extensive tea menu.  Please be aware that the prices per tea are labeled by expense.  Reserved teas will be pricey!

Teas are labeled Specialty, Premium, Exceptional and Reserved and marked with the appropriate letter

We both decided on a Rooibus – I ordered the Vanilla Caramel and Mr. Wonderful went for the Rooibus Chai.  It was evening and we didn’t want to be up all night!

We also ordered a dessert out of their dessert case.

T has chocolates and other baked goods brought in from a  local chocolateire and baker – Fat Daddy’s Sweets, and Prairie Thunder Baking.

Truffles from Fat Daddy's Sweets

We ordered a dessert each and settled in with our tea that Justine served us in individual pots.

Would you look at that counter? It’s very cool.  Justine told us that it was made by local firefighters out of glass from La Baquette.  I loved it.  I can’t remember what that cookie thing I ordered was called, but it was like a cookie made out of English toffee…very yummy.  The brownie slice that Mr. Wonderful ordered, was rich and dark and we couldn’t finish it.

I also loved the tea timer brought with each pot of tea – it has different hourglass colors for the respective tea brew times.

The tea was fantastic and while we sat and ate and drank our tea, we chatted with Justine about the various offerings of tea at T.  She was super helpful and described each one and let us smell the aroma of the leaves.

And I’m sure I freaked her out taking a million pictures.

And whoever orders that Lapsung Souchong she is letting Mr. Wonderful smell, is a unique individual.  Wow, that stuff smelled potent.

You can, of course take home some tea of your own.  I ended  up purchasing a black breakfast tea called China Breakfast, which came highly recommended by Justine.

It came in a cute little bag with instructions to the T (no pun intended) on how to fix it, including measurement, steeping time and temperature.  Very cool for virgin tea drinkers who are just starting out.  I am sitting here this morning sipping this tea while posting this blog entry and enjoying the smoothness and strength of this tea.  It’s wonderful for a morning pick-me-up.

Before you leave T, make sure and browse through the shelf of tea-ware on one wall.

You can purchase gift baskets, books, tea-candles and a variety of tea pots and cups for your own drinking enjoyment at home.

Justine informed us that private parties are available for “tea tastings” and to contact T for setting those up.

Kristy Jennings has done a great job opening this place.  It was a very hip thing to do in Oklahoma City, when sometimes you just don’t want to go to another movie or restaurant.  Sometimes you just want to sit, sip tea, and enjoy the relaxation surrounding this lovely ritual and talk with local friends and eat sweets.

You should try T soon.  It’s a great experience. And hey, maybe I’ll see you there!

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3 responses to “T, an Urban Tea House

  1. I found you via the comments at mamafoodie. I’m an avid tea drinker and just discovered T. I like their mint mate (don’t know the official name). I enjoyed reading your post. I’ve only been there once and I wondered about the chocolate truffles and such. Thanks for the enlightening post.

  2. Katie!

    Hello! Wow, what a great blog on t, an urban teahouse! I am so honored by your compliments. I very proud you had a great tea experience in my place with Justine as your trusty guide! We both were so thrilled with your compliments of her excellent service to you! I was sorry to have been out sick and missed you when you came in. You were in great hands, however.

    You are a perfect candidate for a private tea tasting! Call me sometime and we will set it up for you on a date and time that works! They are quite enjoyable.

    Thank you for your wonderful blog and for including all your smart observations of the details that are thoughtfully put in place here. It is rewarding to me when someone notices them, and even better, that you took the time to write about them. Thank you very much!

    Pleased to know about your love of tea and hope to meet you soon,

    t, an urban teahouse

    • dishinanddishes

      Oklahoma City is the lucky one to finally have a good tea house to go to! I’m go glad you enjoyed the post! I hope to meet you soon!

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