A Fun Craft to Make to Entertain Young Kiddos

My friend Vicki at work brought in something she’d made for her grandkids.  This is a super clever and cute.  Vicki is a big fan of Where’s Waldo books and decided to try to create a craft that fell along the lines of how those books work.

So she made this…

Material sewed around a plastic window.  Inside is the fake snow like you get at Christmas.

Inside are also little miniature objects – like animals, buttons, etc.

Attached at the top corner with a grommet and a chain is a list.

This list is laminated and is a list of the items hiding in the snow inside.  The child can press and shake on the bag and try to find the hidden item.

She made Christmas versions of these also with Christmas material and objects…too cute!

Can you imagine how quiet and wonderful these would be for long car rides?

Vicki – WHERE were you 10 years ago when my kids were young and I was making a 20 hour drive to Michigan once or twice a year!

That’s what I want to know…



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2 responses to “A Fun Craft to Make to Entertain Young Kiddos

  1. Fran J

    could have used this idea yesterday, amusing the great grans.

  2. What a creative idea! Love it.

    Now to file it where I will remember it for the holidays next year.


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