A Giveaway!!

This is an exciting giveaway due to the fact that the first 50 entries will win! You pay nothing – no postage – just get a beautiful set of free earrings!  My good friend Nancy over at DragonFly In Amber Designs is giving away a free pair of earrings to the first 50 people who enter. You may remember her from the pictures I posted of my boot jewelry Mr. Wonderful got me for Christmas.  Nancy’s designs are gorgeous.  To enter, first leave a comment on my blog telling me you’re entering and then do the following:

To receive a FREE pair of
Dragonfly In Amber Designs
  This picture is just an example. Earrings will be made from Bead For Lifebeads which help poverished Ugandan women support their families. Colors will vary.
Click one of the links below and  then click to follow one of Nancy’s blogs. email her to tell you have signed up to follow one of her blogs and give her the address where you want the earrings mailed to.
She’s given away dozens of items from Dragonfly In Amber Designs
and will continue to do so. Please don’t miss out! You will receive opportunities to win other free items in the blog.
Dragonfly In Amber Designs Blog
Dreams Do Come True Blog
Dragonflies, Dreams & Other Things Blog
You may sign up for one or more to receive your free pair of earrings!
Email her at NAJackson@cox.net

So get going and get your free earrings! You’ll love Nancy’s designs as well!  This giveaway will go on until 50 pair are reached! I will then post a “GIVEAWAY IS CLOSED” at the top of the Blog Post.  Have fun!



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15 responses to “A Giveaway!!

  1. Good work buddy, keep writing.

  2. Sarah B. in OKC

    Brand new reader…..lovely blog and free earrings to boot. I’m more than happy to enter 😉

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  4. Sign me up….I like earrings! etc.
    I emailed nancy about following her Amber Designs blog…..

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  6. Fran J

    I’ d love a pair of these gorgeous earrings. Love the pearl, yellow green necklace, that she displays on her site, too.

  7. Sheila

    I would love a pair of free earrings!!!
    Thanks for sharing:)

  8. whoot, of course I am going to enter!
    popped over from the prairie maid

  9. Katie, I want earrings …..now to follow the rest of the directions. You know me and anything that involves more than one step.;-)

    Thanks for hosting this!

  10. Marci

    Sounds wonderful. The earrings are beautiful. I’m entering!

  11. Tori

    I want some Mom ! forrr sureeee lol

  12. Lorna Munger

    Free earrings!? Yes, I want to be part of that!

  13. Beverly Parrish

    Black Bean Salsa looks great…I am new at this blogging.

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