Our Own Personal Garfield & Odie

I always loved the cartoons of Garfield and Odie.

All Garfield wanted to do was sleep.

Unless, of course, there was food. Or, unless there was…


Odie cracked me up.  No brains, but full of fun, he never knew what was going on except that he was having a blast in life.

These two strangely remind me of two other animals in our lives.

Meet our Garfield – Abby.

She sleeps no less than 23 1/2 hours a day, has a minus 5 on the metabolism scale, and only awakens for two reasons.   I’ll tell you those in a minute.

Put her outside, even though it’s 20 below? She doesn’t care….

She just curls up and goes back to sleep.

She’ll wake up for the smell of food – people food, or …


Meet our Odie, better known as Max.

He even has the tongue hanging out like Odie always does in the Garfield comics.  And he loves to bug Abby…incessantly.

Abby really gets annoyed by him.

You can tell by her body language, she really doesn’t want Odie to bug her.

She even flat turns her back on him…again..him with the tongue hanging out!

She gets her wish.  Pretty soon Odie bounds off for more important matters…

Like marking every tree within a 3-mile radius.  Because he thinks he’s the alpha, even though he’s barely a foot long.

And Garfield’s free to do what she does best..

Hmm…..I think I’m making lasagna for dinner…that always perked Garfield up.


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One response to “Our Own Personal Garfield & Odie

  1. Homemade lasagna for dinner would perk me up too!

    These guys are too cute!

    What, no Nermal?

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