Simple Lemon Cream Sauce

This sauce is a creamy light sauce that you can spoon over vegetables, chicken or fish, and it takes mere minutes to whip up.

Start by tossing two tablespoons of butter into a skillet.  Let it melt, but not turn brown, so keep your heat on medium and stir or swirl it until melted, about a minute.

Add in 2 tablespoons of flour.

And whisk it around – it will form a thick paste.

Let the flour taste cook out of this by stirring it for about another minute.  Then add in one cup of milk or heavy cream, depending on how naughty or nice you’re feeling that day.

Add in one-fourth a cup of white wine.

I actually forgot to add this until the end, but it really should be done at this point.

Pull your pan off the burner for just a minute to make the following additions.

Season your sauce with a sprinkle of salt (about 1/4 teaspoon), and a pinch of cracked pepper.  I also shook in about 1/2 teaspoon of dried parsley, because I was out of fresh.

Experiment with your seasonings too!   You could add dill at this point, for a sauce for fish, or basil to go over chicken or rosemary would be fabulous as well.

Also grate one lemon into your sauce and then go ahead and squeeze the juice in as well.  I used half the lemon, but if you prefer a more-intense flavor, use all of it!

Return your pan to the burner and whisk it all up for another minute until it begins to bubble.  The boiling point is what actually begins to thicken up the sauce. 

That’s it.  When the sauce is a little thicker than mustard, but not quite as thick as mayonnaise,  you can ladle it over anything you desire.  Tonight I roasted some asparagus in the oven.

And spooned some of the sauce over it for a great side dish.

But then Mr. Wonderful decided to saute up some of his fish-catch we had in the freezer.  So we went ahead and spooned some over that as well.

Other uses for this sauce could include adding a 1/2 cup of parmesan at the end and ladle it over angel hair pasta and shrimp.  Or I think it would be fabulous  over roasted brocolli.

The sauce of many uses…just use your imagination!
Katie’s Printable Recipe – Simple Lemon Cream Sauce



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6 responses to “Simple Lemon Cream Sauce

  1. Amy

    This looks fantastic and will be a great addition to lots of my spring dishes. Thanks for the great recipe!

    Your blog and photos are beautiful 🙂

  2. That looks yummy–I will have to try on some asparagus soon!

  3. Katie, do you have a button for your blog that I can place on Prairie Maid? I didn’t see one, but I may be overlooking it.

    You can email me at ~

    Thanks for the link for the signature, too!

  4. Katie, this sounds so good! I love lemon….and dill, so I can think of a number of uses!

    Thanks for sharing this.

    Did you have a nice Valentine’s Day?

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