Removing White Burn Stains on Wood Tables

This is a fairly new pub height table we recently bought for our kitchen area.

I adore it.

Well, until recently I did.

Because,  I was sickened when I put a big bowl of turkey broth after  Thanksiving on a towel to cool on it.  And then I removed the towel later and there was an 8 inch circle of white on the corner of it.  The heat had gone through the towel and discolored it.

And it was hideously ugly!

I have to share this trick with you.

I was skeptical.  Very skeptical.

Enter Lindsay.

Our daughter-in-law Lindsay told us she’d read that if you use an iron with the steam function on and iron quickly over top of a thin towel or cloth, the spot would disappear.

So today I tried it.

And look! IT’S GONE!

Glory Hallelujah!  I love you Lindsay!

***Please note that different surfaces may react differently.  I tested it with just a tiny spot first, as I would recommend you to do the same.



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4 responses to “Removing White Burn Stains on Wood Tables

  1. Kimm Geria

    I have to try this. My son spilled a bowl of steamy hot soup on my coffee table and it left a white stain. I will give it a shot. Thanks for the tip.

  2. Kerry

    I know; she told us about it too. Out table has a small spot from heat. Glad to see it worked for you too!

  3. Fran J

    me neither. will keep that tip in mind.

  4. Way to go Lindsay! Neat tip. I hadn’t heard that one.

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