15 Years of Friendship…Two Crazy Girls

Tori and Hanna.

Friends since 1st grade.

Hanna moved to Dallas.

Still friends.

Hanna moved back.

Years of closeness followed.

The Winter Ball their freshman  year…

More dances.  I watched them primp and furnished Sparkling Cider and cookies while they spent hours getting ready.

Sometimes they parted ways, due to boys or colleges, or whatever, but they always find their way back.

Hanna’s like another daughter.  When she shows up, it’s just like old times…

Like at Halloween this year…Marilyn & Biker Chick…

They were too cute.

Just like the other night, when the two of them helped me make Oreo Cheesecake Cupcakes (recipe coming soon!)…….

BFF’s forever…..



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2 responses to “15 Years of Friendship…Two Crazy Girls

  1. Hanna Murdoch

    Katie! That was the sweetest thing! It was nice to look back on alot of our good times. Thank you so much! I love you!

  2. NannyRuth

    What sweet pictures!

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