How to Peel Garlic Easily


It’s such a booger to peel. You can smash it with a knife. I usually go a little overboard and crush it to death.

Sometimes, you want it sliced and so you want to peel it nice and pristine-like.

You can buy those silly rubber tubes for $15.00, but here’s an easy way to peel garlic using something you probably have lying around in your drawer.

Those rubber squares you use to open jars with?  Here’s another use for one.  Take one clove of garlic and place it in the center of the square.

Fold the rubber square in half.

Using your palm, put significant pressure on the garlic clove and while pressing down roll the clove back and forth on the countertop.

Open up the rubber square and see if all the peel is off.  If not, continue on and do it again.

All 3 of these I did in about 5 seconds each!

Enjoy your perfectly peeled garlic my dears.

It’s a beautiful thing!

Cooking with Love,


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