It’s about to get real cold around here.  One of our local school districts has already posted closings due to the cold temperatures.  Kids walking sometimes a mile and half to school minus 15 windchill just isn’t a good idea.

I went to Wal-Mart on the way home tonight from work.  Nothing like us Oklahomans hitting the supercenters the day before extreme cold and making a run on anti-freeze and water bottles.

This kind of weather is for quilts, slippers, pajama pants and old movies.

I don’t want to go out and play!



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2 responses to “Cold

  1. Fran J

    I’m sewing Blaine’s t-shirt quilt to use up my time.

  2. I agree! I don’t want to go out in this either. Praying it misses us….goes north…goes east….goes somewhere! Shoo ice, shoo….go away!

    I am already anxious for sunshine, warm spring rains, and fresh dirt to play in. I think I will spend tomorrow with a cuppa tea and my favorite seed catalog.

    Love your blog.

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