The Easiest Brisket Ever

I’m almost embarrassed to post this recipe.

It’s so easy.  It’s so “don’t even think about it”.

But it’s soooooo, so good.

Christmas with the kids just begs for something special.

Enter the brisket.

Fourteen pounds of pure animal red meat.

Fourteen pounds of goodness, if cooked properly.

Here’s how you do it…so simple, so scrumptious.  You’ll never be afraid of this beast again.

Did I mention that when I moved from Michigan to Oklahoma, I’d never heard of brisket?

Tis true.

Okay, so take your brisket.  Do this in one of those huge throw-away-pans or in a roasting pan lined with one of those plastic meat cooking bags for no mess and easy clean-up!

I’m cooking a humongous one, so here’s the recipe I use.  Half this if you’re cooking a smaller version.  This is also fantastic over a large pork shoulder. Sometimes I find those for .89/pound.  You can feed a large army with a 15 pound pork shoulder cooked this way.  My friend Beth showed me this recipe!

You ready for the vast list of ingredients?

Here they are.

Yep.  A 13 pound brisket, two cans of Coca Cola and one bottle of Head Country Barbeque Sauce.

Woops!  I forgot – salt and pepper.  So I guess that makes four.

Seriously, that’s it.

Pour both over the brisket in a deep pan.

Tent it with foil and bake at 300 degrees for about 6-7 hours.

When it comes out, trim off the fat, and pull it apart with 2 big forks.

Not the best picture.  I was trying to get 10 dishes on the table for Christmas dinner and just snapped a quick pic with no lighting.

This is a fabulous man pleaser for any testosterone filled guy in your house.

And the women kind of enjoyed it too.

Serve it with a bowl of your favorite warmed BBQ sauce. In fact, go ahead, drizzle some overtop.

Cook this for your New Year football watching party.  You can serve it with buns too for fantastic BBQ sandwiches!

It’d also be a great Superbowl star for your menu!

Katie’s Printable Recipe – The Easiest Brisket Ever

Cooking with Love,

Brisket on Foodista


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One response to “The Easiest Brisket Ever

  1. Fran J

    I also cooked a brisket, but followed Jeanette’s receipe: rub with vinegar and oil and wrap in foil, 325 degrees. Serve with BBQ sauce. I think I’ll try yours next time I do it.

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