Fall Gardening? The Tomatoes that Never Stop!

This bowl seems to never diminish on my kitchen counter.  It’s late November, Thanksgiving is next week, and these doggone heirlooms are still producing like troopers.

We’ve cleaned up most of the leaves from the backyard, but we haven’t pulled these plants out yet, sickly as they might look.

I’m particularly happy about the picture on the bottom right.  That’s my black Krims.  And they’re still going strong.

Even the herbs are hanging on.

Granted, the basil looks pretty putrid, but the sage is a little more hardy, so it’s waiting to garnish plates and go into dressing at Thanksgiving!

Crazy weather we’re having here….

But hey, who’s complaining?

Not me.




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2 responses to “Fall Gardening? The Tomatoes that Never Stop!

  1. It seems that you have a good backyard vegetable garden. Juicy tomatoes though…

  2. That’s awesome that you’re still getting tomatoes.
    Mine never produced…..I’m blamin’ the dog. Still have basil and a few peppers though….they’re about shot.

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