Molten Chocolate Lava Cakes -the Perfect Dessert


I chose to make this dessert for our Girls Night Out on Saturday.  Nothing says “Girls” better than chocolate sauce, strawberries, ice cream and a gooey-warm chocolate cake.


These ingredients harmonize together like the best of friends, and complimented a gathering of women sure to become the best of friends as well.

These cakes are super-simple, and you can choose to make a larger version in 6-oz. custard cups, or do as we did and make the smaller size in muffin tins.  One recipe  (Courtesy of Mrs. Paula Deen) makes 6 of the larger size cakes or 12 muffin size.

Melt some chocolate, mix in a few ingredients with your mixer, and spoon into greased cups.  These can be made ahead and then popped into the oven during dinner some they come out warm and oozing chocolatey goodness shortly after your meal is finished.  Or make them up for a dessert and drinks party for a spectacular presentation that is an ease to prepare after you go out on the town with friends.

See the printable recipe here.

One word of caution.  I removed the muffin-size cakes after 11 minutes and they were perfect. I made the mistake of sticking them back into a warm oven while we women yakked.  The center hardened up too much from the warmth.  Serve these within 3-5 minutes of removing from the oven for best results!

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6 responses to “Molten Chocolate Lava Cakes -the Perfect Dessert

  1. Lisa

    I gained 3 pounds just reading about it… omg!

  2. I wonder how well they might keep in the freezer? Pop one out whenever you’re in the chocolate mood (which is always).

    • dishinanddishes

      Andrea – GREAT plan! I’m gonna have to try that one – but Mr. Wonderful did do the dishes for us on Girl’s Night. What more can a girl ask for?

      Cheryl – I think they would freeze, however reheating might cook the center a tad more? You’d have to be careful. I think you could freeze them uncooked just fine. Don’t know how hard it would be to pop the frozen dough out of the muffin tins? Silicone might work…although I’m leary of cooking in silicone.

  3. I wonder how well they might freeze?

  4. These cakes are always so good.

  5. I have a feeling if I made these for dessert my husband would do just about anything for me for a week! I think I need some vacuuming done so I am going to go get the ingredients for this!

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