101 Things to Do at a Farm

butler10This weekend was a holiday weekend, so we took off and drove out to our friends the Westover’s family farm.


This is Kayla’s friend Tyler’s family farm.  The farm has been family owned for a LONG time.

The story went that the farm was purchased in the original Oklahoma Land Run by another family.  That family sold all 163 acres to the Westovers for a horse and buggy.  Can you even fathom that?

These were our hosts Tom and Angela.


Angela cooked some mean brisket and corn pudding on Saturday night.  It was heavenly.

The thing that I loved about going to the farm was, we didn’t watch TV, or Facebook, or Tweet, or text (well, a few times we did) on our cell phones.

We did things like….

Took tractor rides.




Took long hikes through the fields and woods.




Shot bows and arrows and climbed trees.bowarb&w


Rode more recreational vehicles.


This is Justin.  He’s our host’s middle child.  One minute he can be angelic and like something out of an old Daniel Boone movie.


And the next driving around like a crazy boy.


We all brought our dogs.


That’s Bella, Tyler’s dog.  I love Bella.  She is an awesome farm dog at heart who always looks like she’s smiling.  The entire weekend, she positioned herself between the kids and any danger she perceived to be a threat, even the fireworks we set off.  This worried me immensely due to the fact that Bella has gorgeous fur that almost got lit up.


Just look at that sweetheart.  I’m going to have to babysit her or something soon.

Even Max became a farm dog.  Look at him drinking out of the big dog bowl!


And Sam loved the freedom to run, even though his bad leg wouldn’t let him go far.  He decided that he preferred the porch.


And speaking of the porch, we adults loved the porch…and the rocking chairs.


The plan was for the boys to sleep in a tent so Tyler gave them instructions on how to help him set it up.


As you can see, the city kids weren’t much help.

Conner ended up getting the stomach flu and missed the whole tent experience.


Poor kid.

And then came the guns…


Because you can’t be a farmer without knowing how to shoot a rifle.

I really liked seeing Mr. Wonderful in his manly outdoor element.



He was having fun shooting guns.  And hello? He looked good doing it also!

It made me imagine that he was a homesteader shooting our dinner and I’d be the wife, scrubbing clothes on a washboard…okay…I don’t really care for that dream come to think of it…

Tyler was right at home with these rifles.


Of course, he had to teach the city girl how to shoot.


She got pretty good at it after awhile.

Can I just say…it’s a strange feeling watching your teenage daughter shoot a gun for the first time?


Okay, I got in on the action myself.  No sissy-girl here I tell ya.


This gun was totally cool.


It’s called a Muzzle Loader.  It’s a replica of an old war gun, ya know?  The ones that use a musket ball type of shot? The guys were pretty enamored with this.

Would you like to see our professional gun range? This is what it looks like on a farm…


All in all, I think Kayla now has a secret dream to own a farm.



She loved this old farm truck.


And she was happy doing things like this.


I think she was a great farm girl.


The farm was fun.  It was just what we needed.  To get away from the city and technology and enjoy our family together.

It was a time to let kids be kids.



And let family be friends.


Thanks to our wonderful friends the Westovers for having us invade their family farm.  We loved it.

And did I mention we were well-protected?



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  1. Fran J

    looked like a lot of fun just relaxing and enjoying the quiet.

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