EatAroundOKC – Another Cool Site!

Yesterday I told you about Urbanspoon, which is a site that offers reviews and suggestions for local restaurant fare.

Another local site I’d like to introduced you to is EatAroundOKC.  I have been visiting their site for over a year and it has led us to some great dining experiences.

On EatAroundOKC, local reviews of Oklahoma City and surrounding area eateries are written by an interesting staff of writers who visit these places and offer suggestions, likes, dislikes, prices and other informative information.

Mr. Wonderful and I are major foodies and love to try out a new place.  Chain restaurants seem to almost bore us anymore, unless our kids demand them, and then we usually come home unsatisified.

It is always an adventure for us to check out EatAroundOKC, find a place that sounds interesting and head out on a new food adventure.

EatAroundOKC breaks the Oklahoma City area down into regions, or you can choose by cuisine.  There are also categories that show wi-fi availability, vegetarian offerings, and one of my personal favorites – Shady Restaurants.

Shady Restaurants are defined on EatAroundOKC as follows :

“You’ll find reviews of restaurants with poor lighting, bad curb appeal, questionable clientèle, and dangerous parking lots. Those with the best food receive our monthly “Shady Restaurant of the Month” award.”

I love shady places – you find some of the best food there, that is, if you can ignore the other distractions, like steel bars on the windows and doors.

Another feature offered on EatAroundOKC – monthly drawings for those who leave comments, so head on over to their website today and check it out!


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    Hope to see you soon

    Nicholas L. Scaffetta
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