Happy Birthday Tori!

hatToday is my oldest child’s 20th birthday.

How is this possible?

I swear last week she looked like this.


By the way, that’s her on the right.

Our babies grow up way too fast.


One minute they’re in these adorable baby romper outfits.


And the next, they look like they’re 25 and starring in a  Hollywood movie.

And you know, she’s always loved to play dress-up.

hat 015Oh gosh, let’s not fast foward that picture at ALL!

There was the Spice Girl era Birthday.

spicegirlsYou might be wondering what Spice Girl Conner is dressed up as…

It was also the first Zorro movie era. And we’d already scarred him badly enough putting tutus on him as a baby.  So we let him slide on the Spice Girl outfit and be a boy this time.

Forgive us Conner.

And speaking of Conner.  She was the best big sister ever.

babyconnerBut back to playing dress-up.

She always made her poor sister be the boy.

cowgirlsI wonder if there will be some deep seated psychological Freudian thing that ever comes of this?

On a nice day, she let her sister wear a skirt.


She was, and is, my blond-haired, blue-eyed beauty.


Man, I sure do miss those pig-tails.


And she’s still my blond-haired, blue-eyed beauty.


As she blew her candles out tonight.

cakeI realized something.

There is no “teen” in the word “twenty”.

My daughter is not a teenager as of today.

She is a grown woman…

and she is my friend.


Happy 2oth Birthday to my beautiful daughter and one of my best friends.  I love you Sweetie!




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3 responses to “Happy Birthday Tori!

  1. HAPPY BIRTHDAY TORI!!! Many blessings to ya.

  2. Fran J

    Happy 20th birthday Tori. You’re a beautiful and loving person.

  3. tori

    ohhhh man….
    i think im crying right now!!!!!!!!!!! lol
    i love you so much mom! thank you for everything you have and will ever do for me! you really are one of my best friends…. xoxox


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