And She’s Gone

The last pictures we got of her as she walked off into her new independent life.

kaylas dorm 018

kaylas dorm 019

We took her to college today to move into her dorm.

Her dorm consists of 2 beds, 2 desks, 2 closets without doors and a community bathroom.

kaylas dorm 009

I remember the day I moved into a dorm like that.  I was 17 and young for college because I’d been moved up a year in grade school.  I was so excited for the new adventures that lay ahead of me.  I didn’t care that I was in a room with a tile floor, bunkbeds and had to share a shower with an entire hallway full of girls.

As a mom, I stood in line for 4 hours and checked off one requirement after another, until finally, she had her Enrollment form stamped COMPLETE.  Believe me, that word stamped across a page was the MOST exciting moment of the day.

Then we went to dinner and then back to her room to figure out how to make the stuff from her room at home fit into one-half of a room that was half the size of her room at home…

kaylas dorm 013

kaylas dorm 016

Interesting, to say the least.

Please note the Finding Nemo stuffed pillows on the bed.  That’s my quirky girl.

Then the moment came.  She had freshman orientation meetings to go to.  Meetings that will bring new friendships.  Godly ones that will maybe last a lifetime.  Someone to fulfill that woman-to-woman friendship filled with late nites of talking and eating Oreo’s perched on a tiny bed in a dormroom.

She will begin to test out her wings.  Wings that we have given her, so that when this day comes…

She will fly.

And she will fly beautifully.

Now someone buy me stock in Kleenex…cuz I’m gonna make a killing on them.



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3 responses to “And She’s Gone

  1. NannyRuth

    Next, pass the Kleenex to Nanny! I remember the day I took that 17 year old to Olivet Nazarene. Kate, you have done such a wonderful job of bringing up your three kids. You are a Super-Mom.
    Kayla is so grounded in the Lord. She is going to do really well at ORU.

  2. I don’t even know your daughter and as a mom, I’m sitting here with tears in my eyes. Passing the Kleenex!

  3. I know your heart’s breakin mom. She’s a good and smart kid. She’ll do well. Just bathe her in God’s prayer… we need to do for all our kids.

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