Girl’s Nite at Our House…I’m TIRED!


See the looks on these girls’ faces?

Those looks come from staying up half the night and then having to wake up to cleaning this.


And this.




See the boys were having a “boys’ night” at another house, which pretty much equated to them trying to figure out a way to get the girls back, who had done a very small TP job on them an hour earlier.

They left a calling card at 3:30 this morning.


And they left spoons…


And a plastic inflated baby float?


And Physics formulas on the front porch?


Don’t ask me, I’ve never understood teenage boy minds.

Then of course, they had to come back over to see and gloat over their handiwork under the guise of “helping to clean up”.


They didn’t help much.

All in the name of good, clean teenage fun. That’s how it should be.


But ya know what? I’m TIRED.


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One response to “Girl’s Nite at Our House…I’m TIRED!

  1. Caitlyn Andrews

    A-hahahaha!!! I’ve never seen or heard of spoons and formulas! Where sis they come up with that?! I’m totally coming to the next one!!

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