I Think He Liked Father’s Day


We had a splendid Father’s Day! I believe Mr. Wonderful was a little spoiled.

Or was he the one doing the spoiling?  Especially this little darling.

denis jade
Oh yes, he loves her.


He can’t take his eyes off of her.


Yes, she pretty much has him wrapped around her little finger.  But can you blame him?  Look at this face.


Father’s Day takes on a whole new meaning when you’re Grandpa Wonderful.

Our kids cooked up a storm for him.  He wasn’t allowed in the kitchen.  This is a tough thing for Mr. Wonderful to handle.  But I think he got used to it after awhile and actually enjoyed himself!

His mom was here to make a four-generation day.


And his sis Cheryl.


Those 2 sure do love each other.

It was an awesome day filled with laughter, family and love.


All for the sake of one wonderful man who completely, totally deserved it.

denis jade2

I love you Mr. Wonderful! Happy Father’s Day!



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3 responses to “I Think He Liked Father’s Day

  1. Absolutely! It was a culinary overload…delishhhh! The kids did great.
    LU ‘little’ brother.

  2. mom

    I had a wonderful time, too. Ate too much, it was all so good. The kids did a great job cooking the meal.

  3. dishinanddishes

    Thanks to everyone…ALL my kids (and their spouses), my wife, mom, and sis for making this Father’s Day special! I really enjoyed having the family over to celebrate. Also, big thanks for all the wonderful food and nice gifts. I love you and pray that God fills your baskets with blessings!!

    Dad, aka Papa D

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