The Love Dare – Our Next 8 Weeks

The Love Dare

For the next 8 weeks, Mr. Wonderful and I are doing this – The Love Dare.  We, along with abour 20 other couples are doing this as a class.

It is a book based on the journal the husband uses to restore his marriage in the movie Fireproof.  If you haven’t seen this movie, it’s worth it! Go rent it for $1 at your local Redbox.

Do we need to restore our marriage? The answer is yes.

No, our marriage is not falling a part.  Yes, a marriage can always be improved on, and that is our goal.

This book is a 40 day journey of taking a challenge or “dare” each day that is outlined with a small reading and journaling page to reflect upon.

Each day’s challenge focuses on strengthening your commitment and on your spouse’s needs instead of your own.

With both of us in a second marriage, we realize how important it is to safeguard and work on improving our marriage daily and we are excited to see where this journey takes us.

Day#1 – Patience….

I’m in trouble…

More on this later…



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