Heirloom Tomatoes Part 3


So, Mr. Wonderful finally made me a home for my heirloom seedlings.  He mixed in equal parts of peat moss, top soil and organic manure.  

Isn’t he something? Mr. Wonderful I mean…just look at him.


I used to think fishermen were dirty nasty men with worm guts under their fingernails, not all GQ lookin and handsome.  We went fishing this morning and this is what he looked like.

I have no idea why that has anything to do with heirloom tomatoes? So….

Remember when they were just babies?


They sure are growing up.


Hello sweetie pie!  Someday in the near future, you are going to provide me with some incredibly delicious salads.

Sadly, we live in the city and there was only room for 9 of them here.  I still have about 50 seedlings left that I am giving away.  I planted a  couple here and there throughout the yard and in pots though.  

I also got started on my herb garden.  This will be my third attempt at basil.  Two other plants have shriveled and gone to herb heaven due to our crazy weather here.


Hello beautiful!  You will be helping stock the freezer with plenty of pesto this summer.  You will also bring us an endless supply of bruschetta.  

I also seeded lots of rosemary, dill, chives, thyme and I have a nice sage plant starting.  There is nothing like walking out your back door and snipping some fresh herbs for dinner.

Will my little darlings survive the rest of the summer?

Stay tuned..



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