Gone Fishin


The man with his catch.

He is estatically happy.  

We let the boy drive the boat.  This makes him estatically happy.


Hey, it’s better than letting him drive the car!  That is coming in a few short weeks, and I’m SO not ready for that yet!  Another year of driving desperately gripping my door handle. Woohoo!

The old (sorry honey) wisened man teaches the pup how to do things right.  Note the impatient shoulder thing and the “I know” written all over his face.  Teenage boys do that a lot because they think they know it all.  Have done it for years.   Teenage boys’ moms have wanted to smack them for years because of it.


The boy tries….


Nothing…maybe if he changes bait?



The shoulders begin to sag….uhoh, he’s getting bored…

But wait!

He feels a nibble…


By George – he GOT one!

This made the old wisened one happy…


Doncha just LOVE the lake on a gorgeous day?



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