Maple Toast Bundles with Eggs


This is the gourmet answer to the McGriddle.  This egg breakfast in a maple toast muffin is so fun and yummy, I can’t wait to try them again with different ingredients.  You could really make this sooooo versatile.  My next experiment will be sauteed mushrooms and asparagus and maybe a little drizzle of hollaindaise over top.

I found this recipe on the coolest site! I absolutely adore Bed & Breakfasts and especially love their food.  I have never had anything less than scrumptious at a B & B and the author of this blogsite obviously agrees with me.  She somehow acquires recipes from different B & B’s and tries them out.  Her food photography is lovely and I am a big fan!  Please go visit her site, you will love it too!

Here is how the recipe goes.

Preheat your oven to 400 degrees.  Chop up some bacon. I made four of these today and I used 1/2 package of bacon but still had some left over.  


Throw your bacon into a frying pan and cook it until browned and crispy.



Remove your bacon to a plate lined with paper towels to drain.  Next, take your bread of choice, and cut off the crusts.


You can cut through several at once like I did.

Now take a rolling pin and roll over the bread both ways to flatten it.  You can use a glass or just the palm of your hands also.

rollbreadFor 4 servings, I melted 2 T. of butter and 1/4 c. of maple syrup.  Sandie says you can also use sorghum or even corn syrup if you don’t have maple.


I put them into a microwave safe bowl and microwaved for about a minute, but you could do them on your stove as well.


Now take a pastry brush and brush over one side only of your flattened bread.


Get your muffin tins and lightly spray the insides of them.

pamNow take your bread slices and push them down into each muffin cup, making sure to press them firmly in place.  If they overlap or fold, it’s ok as long as you basically cover the sides of the tin.  Remember Wonder Bread? If you tear them, just squish them back together.


Now begin to spoon in your fillings. 

 Keep in mind you will be cracking one egg over top of each of these so leave room for that!  I spooned in some chopped up leftover baked potatoes.  Then I added some bacon crumbles.


Then I lightly sprinkled the top with cheese and cracked an egg over each.


You will now need to loosely “tent” tin foil over your muffin tin and pop them into a 400 degree oven.  I set the timer for 15 minutes and checked them. More time was needed so another 5 minutes ended up being perfect.  I like my eggs a little gooey.  If you like them softer, go for 17 minutes.


See that gooey yumminess? And the best part? You don’t have to dip your bread in the yolk, it’s already a part of every bite you take!

Good gravy these are pretty and delicious! And no one will know how easy they are to make.  You will look like a gourmet rock star serving these!   They were so good, I ate two! 

I must leave you now to go find a treadmill.  Enjoy!

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4 responses to “Maple Toast Bundles with Eggs

  1. jenni hocott-riley

    Have I told you lately that I LOVE YOU?! You are THE BOMB! Thank You so much for this one…you make it look so easy…and what do you do strap the camera to your head like a miner’s cap when cooking…great play-by-play with the pics. I can’t wait to make sounds so wonderful, my mouth is watering already…by the way if you ever open up a b & b, I need a reservation and you better install a treadmill there for me too! I do so enjoy your recipes, I dont comment on all but I read a great majority of them and sit in awe of YOU! What an awesome GOD we have that has created such a wonderful cook and spirit filled mom, who loves all of God’s creatures so much! Love Ya Lots, xoxoxo -jen aka. (hen)

  2. What charming little egg nests these are! They look so elegant and sound so simple. The perfect combination!

    • Paula


      I finally tried this recipe- Maple Toast Egg Bundles and it was easy and delicious! Great taste with the maple syrup in the toast with the eggs. You make every recipe look easy with your detailed pictures.

      Thanks Katie!

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