Anniversary Nite at Trattoria il Centro


Last night was our 4th anniversary.  We ran away from our kids and had a wonderful dinner at Tattoria il Centro and browsed around downtown at the Arts Festival.  The weather cooperated and we had a great time.

I fell in love with this restaurant.


It wasn’t what you would call a quiet romantic place.  When we walked in we were greeted by the sounds of a little italian man playin one of these.


Does anyone know what this is? I don’t think it’s a typical accordian.

Our waiter served us hot focaccia bread out of a basket he carried around. Instead of butter or olive oil, it came with this delicious cannelloni roasted red pepper spread.


For starters, we ordered this.  Portabello frittes (fries).


Oh mercy, this was fabulous.  I could order a double of these as my main course.  Panko crusted Portobello strips with garlic aioli and white truffle oil. Mmmmmm.

This is what I ordered.


Gnocchi with braised artichoke hearts, sun-dried tomatoes, pancetta in this amazing sauce.  On top was a dollop of marscapone cheese whipped with black garlic.  I didn’t think anyone in Oklahoma knew what black garlic was.

This is Mr. Wonderful torn over what to get off the rather complicated menu.


This is what Mr. Wonderful ordered.  He’s such a man….


Okay I’ll grant him this…at least it’s margherita pizza!  It looked pretty good too.

We had a wonderful time together later walking and browsing through our downtown local Arts Festival.

We’re looking forward to many more years of celebrations!
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4 responses to “Anniversary Nite at Trattoria il Centro

  1. Cheryl

    So, what did you do? ….take your light box with you? those pics at the restaurant looked good.
    LU Katie & little Brother. Glad you had a good time.

  2. jenni hocott-riley

    This looked like a wonderful nite. My hubby, John, and I just celebrated 11 years married and 15 1/2 together…we dated 4 1/2 years…he asked me to marry him after the first year, but I told him I was still working through the feelings from my divorce and didn’t think I was ready to trust another man yet. So after 2 more attempts, he said your going to have to ask me, when your ready, until then I will just be here waiting and loving you. I needed proof that I would never be left abandoned again. So I tested him on many levels and he passed every test, the good, the bad and the ugly (survivng seeing me without makeup, hah). I am joking. But he is hand-picked by God, just for me. I love him know more than ever and we hae done so much growing together, I would never want to start over again with anyone else and would never give up all that we have and all that we are together. It’s a great feeling, Ya Know?! Congrats on your 4 years of marital bliss and yes fyi, I asked him to marry me and he said YES!-jen

    • dishinanddishes

      What a wonderful story of your relationship! I am so happy for you. WOW…11 years! That is fantastic. God gave me an incredible man also…we are blessed huh?

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