Fourth Anniversary with My Sweetheart


Did you know today is William Shakespeare’s Birthday?  Well, he’s dead of course, but this is the day most think he was born.  The odd thing about this man of a million poetic words, is that he also died on this day.   Isn’t that crazy?

I am trying to draw some romantic parallel to the fact that the author of such a timeless love story as Romeo and Juliet, was born and died on the day of our anniversary, but ultimately, that’s probably just a little creepy.

So today is our 4th anniversary.  Four years ago today, we woke up to 32 degree weather with the realization that we were planning an outdoor wedding in my sister-in-law’s backyard.  We realized there was one thing we never had to contend with in our first weddings – our children making us late!  They were just a twinkle in our eye back then, but now we had 6 to get to the church, er, backyard on time!  We began to make finger sandwiches and create floral bouquets ourselves, for a quaint little gathering of family and friends.

That’s us with all six of our beautiful kiddos.  The weather turned out perfectly by 1 o’clock and we were off to the start of our lives that has never been more blessed.

I love this man, with everything that’s within me.  Happy Anniversary sweetheart!  I look forward to many more years with you with great joy!

Much Love




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3 responses to “Fourth Anniversary with My Sweetheart

  1. Cheryl

    You two are too cute….I love the love that shines from you two. Happy Anniversary!
    LU little brother & S-I-L Katie.

  2. Mr. Wonderful

    Wonderfully blessed years they have been! God will continually guide us thru many more years to come. I love you my “dishin” honey.

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