Saturday Day Morning Breakfast – Girl Comfort Food!


Saturday mornings to me are a luxury.  I usually have the house to myself as Mr. Wonderful and all the kids are working.  I love to brew a pot of coffee and make something fun.  This morning it was soft boiled eggs, toast wedges to dip in them, and a fruity smoothie to round it off.

Boiled eggs are somewhat of a science.  I remember them as being one of the first things my mom would make me when recovering from the stomach flu.  Therein, I suppose lies their comfort factor to me.  Whereas, in my youth, we chopped them up in a bowl with a piece of toast, I’ve refined them a little to where they look pretty and are fun to eat as well.  Hey, us adults need our moments of playtime with our food also!

My perfect boiled egg results in exact timing so that the yolk is slightly firm but still soft enough to dip my toast wedges in.  I saw the amazing Nigella Lawson do this a few weeks ago and I had to try it.

Fresh eggs can be dropped into boiling water but most of us have cold eggs from the market.  Put cold eggs into cold water and bring it to a boil.  When the water boils, set your timer for 4 minutes.  Remove the eggs after 4 minutes, drain the hot water and run some cold water over them to stop their cooking.  While the eggs are boiling, preheat you broiler for your toast wedges.

Cut up your favorite crusty bread into one inch strips and stick under the broiler for a very brief time, just until it browns.

Take your eggs, place them in egg cups and gently cut off the tops with a sharp knife.  I started with a fork, but quickly changed to a teaspoon.  Make sure you use your toast wedges to dip into the ooey gooey egg yolks before you scoop out the rest.

To accompany this yumminess, I needed something fruity so I settled on a strawberry mango smoothie.

The Ingredients of Love: 5-6 fresh or frozen strawberries , fresh or frozen mango, fat-free plain yogurt, milk, ice cubes, honey


Throw 5-6 good size strawberries, 1/2 c. frozen mango chunks, 1 c. milk, 1/2 c. fat free plain yogurt, 2 T. honey into a blender or smoothie maker.  Start on low speed and then switch to high.  Begin adding ice cubes until desired consistency.  Pour into a cup with a straw.  Refreshing!


I love Saturday mornings.

I love soft boiled eggs and toast and smoothies.


Let me know if ever want to come for breakfast.  But I probably won’t be out of my pajama bottoms and t-shirt until noon.




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3 responses to “Saturday Day Morning Breakfast – Girl Comfort Food!

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  2. Sounds like the perfect way to start the day!

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