Bald is Beautiful…Ummm Handsome!

Today I witnessed a truly amazing site. Our son Chris was participating in the St. Baldrick’s head shaving event to help fund-raise for conquering children’s cancer. I witnessed so many special stories told by the participants. Many had first hand experience with loved ones who have had cancer. Check these stories out!

This is Chris and his beautiful wife Laura. Laura is a hairdresser and she actually was one of the participants who shaved over 40 persons’ heads in the event. Laura never takes a bad picture. I’m not kidding you! Just look at her! What a cute couple!  

Notice Chris’ beautiful black wavy hair. It won’t be here long. He is the oldest son of Mr. Wonderful. Notice the resemblance?

So here we have in sequence, the loss of Chris’ beautiful wavy black hair…did I mention Chris had beautiful wavy black hair? Here’s Chris – pre-shaved before the event started. He was called a “shavee”.

Here’s Chris sitting down and getting his cape on. Notice the look on Laura’s face. She’s thinking…”I’m about to have a bald hubby”. Or she’s thinking, “I’m gonna shave a picture of Sponge Bob on his head and leave him like that cuz he didn’t put the toilet seat down this morning” but probably not….

Laura shaves the first swipe off of Chris’ hair! She audibly screams out loud for all to hear! It’s a reality…her husband’s gonna be bald!

Halfway there…there’s nothing to do now but just laugh!

Chris fully shaved! Hey, I don’t think he looks half bad that way! Chris raised almost $500 for children’s cancer. We’re super proud of him and Laura! Aren’t they AWESOME?

Others we saw shaved – A father/son team.


This one is a little boy who had cancer until he was 3 or so and has participated 3 times since and raised a bunch of money!

One of the most touching…a brother and sister who lost both their grandma and grandpa to cancer. Notice her really long braids!

Everyone wanted to cry with them…both for the loss of their hair and the loss of their grandparents to a horrible sickness.

So I ask you? What is beautiful? After today, I realized that opening your heart to take something beautiful away from yourself for the sake of helping others is the most beautiful thing in the world.



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6 responses to “Bald is Beautiful…Ummm Handsome!

  1. laura johnstonbaugh

    chris and i just read this, we’ve read it before, but it’s coming up again and i know i’m going to shave some heads, yippeeeeee, i’m exited!

  2. What a wonderful post…

  3. Cheryl Wray

    What a beautiful post! The picture of the couple holding hands just really got me!

  4. cjsglassact

    Thanks for sharing this Katie. I hated missing it. I was being blessed with a friend, giving up some of his time to come and mow my entire yard.

  5. Just Kids

    Love your story. What you said “I realized that opening your heart to take something beautiful away from yourself for the sake of helping others is the most beautiful thing in the world.” is so wonderful that everyone should read this.

  6. Anonymous

    Thanks for the support Katie! It was a good time. Glad you guys could be there.-Chris

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