Cupcake Bites – Baking With Tori

It’s Spring Break in our household, I’m off work, the kids are home from high-school, and Tori, my baker-child is home from college! Yesterday, we spent the afternoon baking these adorable little cupcake bites we found on Bakerella’s site.  Inside is a mix of cake and frosting, and the outside is melted chocolate.  The entire thing is edible!  It may seem like a lot of work, but believe me, get your kids in the kitchen with you on this one. It’s fun and easy.  One word of caution – don’t mind the mess! It’ll all clean up! Have fun! 

The ingredients of love:  cake mix, eggs, butter, water, chocolate and white chocolate melts, candy molds with Reese’s -like- bottoms (mine were $2 at my local craft store) candy food coloring in pink, blue or your fav color, plain M & M’s, and sprinkles.

To begin, make your cake mix according to the package directions.  We used devil’s food but you can use any cake mix you like – yellow, red velvet, etc.  Bake the cake and cool completely.

Now, scoop your cake out of the pan and dump it into a mixing bowl.  It doesn’t matter if it’s pretty as you’re going to mix it to crumbs anyway!  With a spoon or your hands, break apart the cake until it is fluffy and resembles pretty fine crumbs.  Now add in an entire can of frosting – We used cream cheese frosting.  We started with a wooden spoon and then switched to our hands as it went much quicker.  I realize some of you may have an aversion to gooey stuff on your hands, so take your pick!  

Would you just look at this cute vintage apron I got Tori this week? I couldn’t resist it.  Actually, the truth is, she always steals mine so I had to get it to get mine back!  And we both DO get messy!  This apron is almostas cute as my daughter

Once you get the cake and frosting blended together (you shouldn’t see any white frosting anymore) it should look like this. 
 Now, using a cookie dough scooper (looks like a mini ice cream scooper) or just a teaspoon, take a glob of the cake/frosting mixture and roll it around in your hands.  WARNING:  this could get pretty messy!  I happened to have a box of those disposable gloves, so we put those on our hands with a drop of oil and it worked wonderfully.  

Once you get one done, drop it in one of the places on your mold and make sure it fits semi-snugly but not tightly.  Adjust accordingly.  Make sure your cake balls are close to the same size and put on a wax or parchment paper lined cookie sheet and place in the refrigerator or freezer.  Here is what ours looked like when finished.

Please note the cell phone behind the pan in the top picture.  We never have ours far away…isn’t that pitiful?  AND, does anyone elses freezer look like this? Even more pitiful! (THAT is another spring break project!) You want the cake balls to be solid and very firm, not frozen. We left ours about 15 minutes in the freezer and they were fine.  Before you remove them from the freezer, do the following.  Melt the brown chocolate chips in the microwave.  Begin with 30 seconds, remove and stir with a spoon.  Continue to microwave, removing every 30 seconds and stirring until the chocolate is  smooth and creamy.   My microwave only took two 30 second spins before it was perfect.  Be careful as if you do it too long, the chocolate will “sieze” or burn and turn crumbly.

Now, Bakerella pours her chocolate into one of those cafe style ketchup and mustard squeeze bottles, but I couldn’t conceive of trying to clean that, so  Tori and I put ziploc bags over glasses
 and filled them, snipped off a tiny corner and used that to “pipe” the chocolate into the molds.  Fill the molds a little less than half-full.  Do one pan at a time and then drop a cake ball into the
 melted chocolate, pressing, if needed to make the melted chocolate come up to the rim of the mold.  We did them in stages because the chocolate starts hardening pretty quickly.

Once we had all our trays full, we put them back into the freezer for about 5 minutes or so.  Then, take your white chocolate melts and melt the exact way you melted the chocolate ones.  Once melted and smooth, add your candy food coloring to it (or just use colored chips if you can find them) and mix until the color is uniform.  NOTE:  You must use candy food coloring as regular has water content that won’t work in chocolate melts!  

Stir with a spoon or whisk to desired color.  Remove your cake balls from the freezer and gently lift on the top of the cake ball.  It should pop right out of the mold.  At this point we both said “so this is how they make peanut butter cups”!  Mental note to self – make those soon also!  Invert them and dip the top of the cake ball into the melted colored chocolate you just mixed.  Stop just short of the line where the brown chocolate starts, being careful not to go over it. 

 Turn your “cupcake” right side up and place back on your line cookie sheet to cool.  Press a colored M & M on top and lightly sprinkle with sprinkles.  We found we needed to do this immediately also, as the chocolate cools quickly!  
Can’t you just see these little cuties at a baby shower or girly get together? And they are entirely edible and amazing!  Here is something else  that’s amazing…this boy always seems to show up when projects are done and things need to be sampled!   AMAZING!

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  1. tori nichols

    mmmmm these are sooo yummy! i want to eat one RIGHT now lol

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