We got to babysit last nite! Our first grandchild Jade spent her first all nite visit with Papa D and Gramma Katie.  Just look at her! Is there anything this beautiful?

My goodness, I forgot how sweet a baby’s cheek smells! And their breath! Like vanilla cookies! She pretty much depended on us at 2 months old to fulfill her every need -eating, sleeping and changing her – she was at our mercy! 
It got me to thinking about how our life goes in stages 
– As  kids, our parents give up so much for us. They take care of our every need and make countless sacrifices that we’ll never know – until we become parents ourselves. Only then we realize just how much those 2 people that we know as Mom & Dad truly did for us and just how selfless their love is for us. Why? Because we find ourselves making those sacrifices and showing that love ourselves for our own beautiful kids. Do they always re
alize it? No way…but they will…someday when their little bundle of joy keeps them awake all nite with it’s own first earache. They’ll realize when they decide not to get new clothes or a new car to sacrifice so their son or daughter can do something special. 

It also got me to thinking about God’s love for me. How m
any times have I not taken time to spend with my God, the lover of my soul and forgot about HIS sacrifice and HIS adoration for me as a child of His? 

Tonite, when we got home from the lake – I went out on the patio in the darkening hours, lit the Tiki torches, turned on the patio lamp and pulled out my Bible. He deserves my time, my thanks, my devotion and my love. 

So, for all you new parents out there, never give up on your children, no matter where they go and what they do. In the words of Proverbs 22:6 “Train up a child in the way he should go [and in keeping with his individual gift or bent], and when he is old he will not depart from it.” (Amplified). Your unconditional love will not go unnoticed. 

Thanks to my Mom and Dad for all they’ve done for me – their 50th wedding anniversary

is this year…thanks Mom and Dad for showing me that marriage CAN last. I know you love me and I am soooo sorry for the years I’ve not showed appreciation to you. I totally get it now, even if a little late. And thanks God, for letting me spend time in Your presence and for loving me, even when I haven’t deserved it. 
Your Child…Katie

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